Five First Aid Flower Essences

Five First Aid Flower Essences

As we prepare physically it is also important to prepare emotionally and energetically. I have put together five first aid essences which will fortify our emotional well-being and energetic immune systems. These essences will serve to keep us whole and healthy.

This is a time of year where and when we prepare. We prepare for weather. We prepare for health. We prepare for school. We prepare our homes. This is our hunter/gatherer time to harvest our resources and prepare for our futures. This is the core of abundance to have what we need when we need it.

Crab Apple essence helps us when we feel “off” or feel like we are coming down with something. This essence is traditionally used we feel grubby or dirty or afraid of germs. We don’t want to touch anything or we don’t want anyone to touch us. We want to feel clean and pure. This essence is also indicted when detoxing, fasting, doing emotional cleansing work and hangovers.

Crab Apple essence dissolves our fear of contamination. This remedy strengthens our personal energetic boundaries. It fortifies our energy field. Crab Apple essence also puts our cares and concerns into balance. This essence orders our fear of disorder and “dis” ease. This essences also releases the feeling of being emotionally tagged by others. Crab Apple essence gives our immune and emotional system as fresh start. We feel clean. We feel clear. We feel whole and healthy.

Aloe Vera essence is our “burn out “ essence. This is used when we over extend ourselves and burn the candle at both ends. This is the remedy for workaholics as once we start we don’t know how to stop. We override our physical and emotional needs in search of completion and perfection. We lose our flow.

Aloe Vera essence brings back the flow and balance into our lives. This essence nourishes our creativity and helps us to adjust our pace. I like to think of Aloe Vera essence as the embodiment of the “Tortoise and the Hare”. We can work hard, run fast, take leaps and bounds over everyone and everything…then for one reason or another we are required/forced to stop. We lose our edge. We lose our ground. We lose our lead… Aloe Vera essence manages our creative energies. This essence acts a battery charger for our creativity and vitality. Aloe Vera essence harmonizes our health and wholeness.

Saint John’s Wort essence protects our inner light. This essence acts as a shield of protection. This remedy fortifies us against etheric and energetic “tears” which can present as nightmares and attachments. Saint John’s Wort essence anchors our light.

Saint John’s Wort essence is indicated for SAD (Season Affective disorder) as it orders and restores our healthy patterns of light. I like to use this essence on the solar plexus to restore and balance our inner light. This essence nullifies patterns of stagnation and trapped emotions. Saint John’s Wort essence circulates and radiates our inner light for health and wholeness.  See my  post for Holiday Pinks.

Sunflower essence is one of my all time personal favorites. This essence brings the sunshine back into your heart and soul. This essence is an essence of radiance and confidence. We all can use this at any time. I enjoy the enhancing qualities of this essence. Sunflower essence brings out the best we have to offer. This remedy makes us feel fully expressed and comfortable in our skin.

Sunflower essence harnesses our natural warmth. This essence removes the need to mask our true nature.This remedy balances our insecurities over shining too brightly/or not brightly enough. Sunflower essence makes it safe for us to have self-esteem. We feel good enough to be good enough. Sunflower essence makes us whole and healthy and radiant.

Yarrow essence refines and repairs our energy field. This is the remedy for depletion and trauma. I see this plant everywhere there is erosion or road repair or new construction. This essence creates a patch to retain wholeness and integrity. Yarrow essence harmonizes us with our surroundings. Yarrow essence restores our inner landscape.

Yarrow essence is a major healing essence. This remedy initiates deep repairs on our overall physical and energetic system. This essence strengthens our inner light and increases its circulation throughout our aura. This essence stabilizes our light and enhances our healing process. Yarrow essence creates health and wholeness through restructuring our energy field.

Health and wholeness go hand in hand. We have to have enough energy to fortify our energy fields. We can liken the overall energy of our bodies to our smart phones. When we have a full charge our apps work well. When we don’t have enough charge on the battery, we can lose our clarity, data, and start having limitations on our overall functions. We can fight it by closing down energetic drains or personal apps. But, we still need to plug in and recharge all of our functions. Our energetic systems function best on having a full charge, The above essences work to keep our systems healthy and whole and fully charged.


Mary Ann

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