Writers write

Writers write

Bottom line “writers write”. I’ve been writing for over 15 years. I’m published not self-published. The biggest thing that I had to learn about writing is the “doing it” part. Everyone across the board will feel that they could do better. We all agonize over how articulate or clever we want to be and how we struggle to feel that way.

Writing can also make us feel naked. We are putting it out there for all to see. After all writing is about the “word” and the “word” creates its own reality.The “word” has a way of grounding a certain reality and making it possible rather than an idea in our minds.

Also, as us writers know there is a trick about seeing the work in print which makes the words right and true. We all know that this isn’t necessarily true but can seem that way. Point in case ” I read it in the newspaper” or I read it on the internet” therefore it must be true.

That doesn’t mean the writing is good. It means we had enough commitment to put it on paper and then hide under the covers wondering …

Yes we can alway correct, cut and paste and spell check. But, we have to do it. We have to make the commitment. We have to care less about what it looks like to us and go with the inspiration. The word has a mission and that mission may be for that one person to read our words and create a shift.

Writers write. Most of what we write we can hardly stand to look at as we liberate our senses with the delete function. But sometimes and those sometimes are what we signed up for, it flows..the characters appear, the dialogue speaks, the word is delicious and it makes sense to us.

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