Five First Aid Flower Essences

five first aid flower essences to assist you with stress, depression, immunity, detoxification and confidence .As we prepare physically it is also important to prepare emotionally and energetically. I have put together five first aid essences which will fortify our emotional well-being and energetic immune systems. These essences will serve to keep us whole and healthy.

This is a time of year where and when we prepare. We prepare for weather. We prepare for health. We prepare for school. We prepare our homes. This is our hunter/gatherer time to harvest our resources and prepare for our futures. This is the core of abundance to have what we need when we need it.

Crab Apple essence helps us when we feel “off” or feel like we are coming down with something. This essence is traditionally used we feel grubby or dirty or afraid of germs. We don’t want to touch anything or we don’t want anyone to touch us. We want to feel clean and pure. This essence is also indicted when detoxing, fasting, doing emotional cleansing work and hangovers.

Crab Apple essence dissolves our fear of contamination. This remedy strengthens our personal energetic boundaries. It fortifies our energy field. Crab Apple essence also puts our cares and concerns into balance. This essence orders our fear of disorder and “dis” ease. This essences also releases the feeling of being emotionally tagged by others. Crab Apple essence gives our immune and emotional system as fresh start. We feel clean. We feel clear. We feel whole and healthy.

Aloe Vera essence is our “burn out “ essence. This is used when we over extend ourselves and burn the candle at both ends. This is the remedy for workaholics as once we start we don’t know how to stop. We override our physical and emotional needs in search of completion and perfection. We lose our flow.

Aloe Vera essence brings back the flow and balance into our lives. This essence nourishes our creativity and helps us to adjust our pace. I like to think of Aloe Vera essence as the embodiment of the “Tortoise and the Hare”. We can work hard, run fast, take leaps and bounds over everyone and everything…then for one reason or another we are required/forced to stop. We lose our edge. We lose our ground. We lose our lead… Aloe Vera essence manages our creative energies. This essence acts a battery charger for our creativity and vitality. Aloe Vera essence harmonizes our health and wholeness.

Saint John’s Wort essence protects our inner light. This essence acts as a shield of protection. This remedy fortifies us against etheric and energetic “tears” which can present as nightmares and attachments. Saint John’s Wort essence anchors our light.

Saint John’s Wort essence is indicated for SAD (Season Affective disorder) as it orders and restores our healthy patterns of light. I like to use this essence on the solar plexus to restore and balance our inner light. This essence nullifies patterns of stagnation and trapped emotions. Saint John’s Wort essence circulates and radiates our inner light for health and wholeness.  See my  post for Holiday Pinks.

Sunflower essence is one of my all time personal favorites. This essence brings the sunshine back into your heart and soul. This essence is an essence of radiance and confidence. We all can use this at any time. I enjoy the enhancing qualities of this essence. Sunflower essence brings out the best we have to offer. This remedy makes us feel fully expressed and comfortable in our skin.

Sunflower essence harnesses our natural warmth. This essence removes the need to mask our true nature.This remedy balances our insecurities over shining too brightly/or not brightly enough. Sunflower essence makes it safe for us to have self-esteem. We feel good enough to be good enough. Sunflower essence makes us whole and healthy and radiant.

Yarrow essence refines and repairs our energy field. This is the remedy for depletion and trauma. I see this plant everywhere there is erosion or road repair or new construction. This essence creates a patch to retain wholeness and integrity. Yarrow essence harmonizes us with our surroundings. Yarrow essence restores our inner landscape.

Yarrow essence is a major healing essence. This remedy initiates deep repairs on our overall physical and energetic system. This essence strengthens our inner light and increases its circulation throughout our aura. This essence stabilizes our light and enhances our healing process. Yarrow essence creates health and wholeness through restructuring our energy field.

Health and wholeness go hand in hand. We have to have enough energy to fortify our energy fields. We can liken the overall energy of our bodies to our smart phones. When we have a full charge our apps work well. When we don’t have enough charge on the battery, we can lose our clarity, data, and start having limitations on our overall functions. We can fight it by closing down energetic drains or personal apps. But, we still need to plug in and recharge all of our functions. Our energetic systems function best on having a full charge, The above essences work to keep our systems healthy and whole and fully charged.


Mary Ann

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How flower essences help you look in the mirror

Many of us start out the day with taking a quick or too long a look in the mirror.

Most of the time we focus on seeing what we don’t want to see…dark circles, tired eyes, squishy skin, scary blemishes or extra bumps, moles, freckles or over things we may sigh when we see…

So for the rest of the day we are living with our first impression of the day. How does this carry over into any and all things we do? Do we put a tired face on at work? Do we judge ourselves extra harshly? Do we judge others? Do we wash our face, brush our teeth, fluff our hair and pinch a little here and there to add substance and color?


What if when you washed your face it washed a way the sense of fatigue and sameness ? Hornbeam essence in your cleanser or sprayed on your skin may help to refresh how you face the day.

What if you washed away  your sense of imperfection with Pretty Face essence? What if this essence added to your grooming helped you to embrace all of your attributes?

What if you washed your fee with Crab Apple to feel more clean and fear than you ever have? What if you could add this essence to your daily purification regime?

What if changing your vibration in the most subtle of ways completely changed how you face your day?



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Blind spots

blindspotWhen I do my readings, I explain to my clients that no matter how intelligent, capable , well read, intuitive and generally sophisticated and savvy  we may be , we all have our blind spots. There are some things which we can’t see. We don’t even know what we don’t know.

When we bought our first home, there was a lot of work to do. I had some  construction experience so I thought I KNEW stuff. It is amazing how quickly you realize how much you don’t know when you have some idea of what you do know.

I thought it would be relatively straight forward to put in new and updated  cabinets. I didn’t account for how the new appliances need to be adjusted and how we didn’t have a gas hook up, etc. SO to keep things simple I settled with the existing electrical but then the exhaust fan had to be reformed and adjusted….then the cabinet had to be resized and then the back splash adjusted…

Same thing when we use our intuition regarding an emotional issue.  Maybe we are so angry or disappointed we cannot see beyond the ramifications of the pain. We get our vision distorted so anything positive which can ultimately come from a hurtful situation we are blind to.

My kids used to be addicted to video games. When we would come home from work , we would get irritated with their “dedication” to whatever game they were playing and lecture them on the benefits of physical activity and how the electronic leash would eat their brains. They would briefly look up sand then continue to their next level.

Fast forward 10 years, one is a PHD candidate in computer science and the other works with sophisticated software to build airports.

All we could see is their brains rotting in front of us…

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The Reason I work with Flower Essences

The reason I work with flower essences is they “unstick” you. All of us, yes all of us get stuck on one thing or another. It may be anger. It may be getting over an old love. It may be not getting the “career” job that you worked for. It may be needing the long sought  approval from your parents and/or lovers.

This emotions and emotional responses get stuck in our energy field. When we consistently ruminate over a hurt or emotion it creates a certain magnetic field. It is similar to when we place metal objects with magnets. After a while our metal objects become magnetized and they attract more metal objects.

When we have a lot of “charged” emotions they begin to attract more emotions and situations to “charge”. So, try as we might we continue to attract the same core situation (heartbreak, debt, doubt, fear, betrayal, etc.) with different layers and different players.

I found that if we could change the energy dynamic then we could switch the “pole” of the magnet to begin to repel what we had been attracting for so long. Everyone begins with best of intentions as they recognize there is an ongoing problem. But, it seems that after a couple of weeks the “magnetic” pull stunted any real changes.

Flower essences and other vibrational remedies interrupt that “magnetic” pull. They can break us free and start fresh. Their effects are subtle and un-drug like so sometimes we don’t recognize their influence right away. As an example, if you are afraid of crows and your heart beats fast and you get panicky every time you are near a murder of crows, you can take a remedy “Mimulus” for known fears. Mimulus won’t nullify the fear but it will up your ” courage to face your fears” quotient which will dial down the fear response.

Plus they work amazingly well on animals, plants and children.

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Writers write

writing dove
Bottom line “writers write”. I’ve been writing for over 15 years. I’m published not self-published. The biggest thing that I had to learn about writing is the “doing it” part. Everyone across the board will feel that they could do better. We all agonize over how articulate or clever we want to be and how we struggle to feel that way.

Writing can also make us feel naked. We are putting it out there for all to see. After all writing is about the “word” and the “word” creates its own reality.The “word” has a way of grounding a certain reality and making it possible rather than an idea in our minds.

Also, as us writers know there is a trick about seeing the work in print which makes the words right and true. We all know that this isn’t necessarily true but can seem that way. Point in case ” I read it in the newspaper” or I read it on the internet” therefore it must be true.

That doesn’t mean the writing is good. It means we had enough commitment to put it on paper and then hide under the covers wondering …

Yes we can alway correct, cut and paste and spell check. But, we have to do it. We have to make the commitment. We have to care less about what it looks like to us and go with the inspiration. The word has a mission and that mission may be for that  one person to read our words and create a shift.

Writers write. Most of what we write we can hardly stand to look at as we liberate our senses with the delete function. But sometimes and those sometimes are what we signed up for, it flows..the characters appear, the dialogue speaks, the word is delicious and it makes sense to us.

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Taking Flight


Taking flight feels like those flying dreams. We start running toward something faster and faster. Sometimes we may trip or stumble. We start again running, getting some elevation and feel our feel living off the ground.

What do you want to take flight? What have you down about it? We expend much time and energy in preparation for the absolute right time and right situation. Does that make the timing right? Our right timing can often be an artificial construct. We need to have “Goldilocks” timing…everything has to be just right.

I don’t know why this concept of “taking flight”  keeps coming up. It may be something for me to look at as all things recurring in differing scenarios are usually most applicable.

I see this over and over. We feel we have to do this in order to really do that. Sometimes we do, as in the case of wanting to go to school. We may need to save extra money and make advance preparations to pay for our books, supplies and extra housing costs.

Other times it may be how we think we need to appear in order to et what we want. We may think we need that expensive Theory suit so we can broadcast how successful we are for our interview.

Maybe we just need to look clean, presentable and put together without all the designer stuff.

Sometimes “going for it” is the best option. Ready or not here we come…For the most part we are our own worst judge.We my not be perfect but we are perfect for the position or prospect. We are always in a learning curve if we are really paying attention.

Lets start running and get some elevation.

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two paths
Synchronicity is a reminder that you are on track with the universe. Reflect on all the times when you really wanted something and the more effort you exerted the more the end goal became more and more unavailable. The harder you tried the more you got fried with your effort.

This  is not to say that there is no value in making an effort. However, some times the journey is the value of the process. Not all goals lead to the end goal. On the other hand , when there is a certain alignment, the path can seam effortless.

I hear this time and again.  A client who shall remain nameless goes to law school to fulfill the the wishes and desires of her parents. She struggles a bit but is a smart cookie so she completes school and passes the Bar (no small task) but really in her hearts of hearts wants to bake professionally. Everyone loves her cupcakes and she makes the most amazing chocolate peanut butter creation.

She pursues her profession in laws but feels she isn’t getting where she is supposed to be. She starts baking for friends and entering contests on the side. People love her cupcakes and she enters one of these baking show contests. She wins and she feels right where she is supposed to be. Her process and progress feel more right than anything has in her life. There is still effort but there is an indescribable ease.

Are you doing something to accomplish what your end result is? Is it taking you closer to your goals or farther away. Do you feel in alignment with your goals or out of alignment?

What door do you need to walk through? The door is the opening not the destination.

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Holiday Pinks

pink treeWe talk about the holiday blues around this time of year. Depending on what part of the country we are in, we not only have the trials and tribulations of added giving and receiving, we also have the onslaught of gloomy doom inducing weather.

I just relocated from sunny southern california to the cool mist and and rain of the beautiful northwest. I’m no stranger to this climate having grown up in San Francisco but now it is even 10-20 degrees cooler.  I know, the four seasoners  are  making  fun of me for being a “wuss” right now. However, this gray gloom can be relentless.

I was feeling a little blue and gray the other day for no particular reason when I hit me that maybe this is what SAD (seasonal affective disorder) feels like. So, I took extra Vitamin D3 which seemed to help. It makes a difference and it is still gray out there.I’ve been told full spectrum lights help as well as brief sessions on the tanning beds.

So, I reached  into my personal tool box of flower essence looking for what will counteract this mean grays and ongoing days of minimal light.

I chose Mustard essence  as a great essence for letting the  golden sunshine in. Mustard essence  counteracts the blues which seem to one out of nowhere. It feels although a dark cloud descends on our consciousness . The blue gray feeling then seems to disappear as quickly as it came. Mustard essence infuses us with our natural light and helps us to remember what joy feels like. This remedy can put us back into the “pink”. We feel the sensation of warmth and connection again. We are looking good and feeling fine.


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Broke my rule

metamaterials-breakthrough-wide-spectrum-optical-invisibility-cloak-4Today as usual I started off with my 30 minute deadline. I have my timer set so I am aware of what I need to do as the clock ticks away. I stare at the blank screen and wait for the inspiration to take hold. usually it comes pretty quick and I go with it.

Today, I started a line of thought on the art of giving  but it turned into a big giant mess. This is the first time I have trashed a piece. I looked at it and decided it wasn’t where I wanted to go and put it in “save draft”. I’ll probably delete it later. I don’t even want to look at it

Maybe today the imps of the perverse are at play challenging what I really want to write.

So, I writing what is coming through at this moment.

I am grateful for this process of committing to this 30 day process. It has taught me the value of being consistent. I talk about being consistent and some of the time act on being consistent but today is showing me how to be consistent  whether I want to or not.

The end result may be great, good or not so good. I learned how to edit on Facebook. Im not that social media savvy. However, this process has helped me to learn. Learning has its own value.

SO, I am now over by 3 minutes. I wrote 75% of another piece and this is what I ended up with. It feels good to share even when the sharing is not how you wanted it to be.

Break the rules and have a breakthrough.

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sacred+loveviThe root of the word “sacrifice” means to offer and to make something sacred. We tend to  experience sacrifice as the loss of something dear or something we do as a last resort similar to the “Hail Mary” in football or bunting to first base in  baseball. I feel the first definition is the more true definition of creating value and blessing. How many acts or things do we even know how to make sacred?

We get stuck in the process of what we gain from the exchange. Maybe we default to that ancestral memory of sacrificing our prize goat, cow or son in exchange for  blessings from the divine. Maybe when we think of “making sacred” we somehow believe the price tag will be too high and do we have that much faith?

Perhaps the more we make sacred, the more we will experience sacredness in our lives. What can we offer up to ourselves and others? What can we hold dear and turn over for the greater good?

What do we need to set free? Sting sang once upon a time about “if you love someone set them free?” Does that mean turn away from what you love ? I don’t think so.. For me it means loving someone and making that love sacred enough to not confine them to how you want that love to look or need that love to be.

Is what you want and create “sacred” enough for you? Are you giving it the value and respect that it desires? What would it look and feel like if you added the element of sacredness? How much more rich and meaningful would all your relationships be?

So, maybe the “sacrifice” made may alter your preconceived notions. Imagine, love and make sacred. It will be worth it.



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