Blind Spots

Blind Spots

When I do my readings, I explain to my clients that no matter how intelligent, capable , well read, intuitive and generally sophisticated and savvy we may be, we all have our blind spots. There are some things which we can’t see. We don’t even know what we don’t know.

When we bought our first home, there was a lot of work to do. I had some construction experience so I thought I KNEW stuff. It is amazing how quickly you realize how much you don’t know when you have some idea of what you do know.

I thought it would be relatively straight forward to put in new and updated  cabinets. I didn’t account for how the new appliances need to be adjusted and how we didn’t have a gas hook up, etc. SO to keep things simple I settled with the existing electrical but then the exhaust fan had to be reformed and adjusted….then the cabinet had to be resized and then the back splash adjusted…

Same thing when we use our intuition regarding an emotional issue.  Maybe we are so angry or disappointed we cannot see beyond the ramifications of the pain. We get our vision distorted so anything positive which can ultimately come from a hurtful situation we are blind to… our humanistic blind spots.

My kids used to be addicted to video games. When we would come home from work , we would get irritated with their “dedication” to whatever game they were playing and lecture them on the benefits of physical activity and how the electronic leash would eat their brains. They would briefly look up sand then continue to their next level.

Fast forward 10 years, one is a PHD candidate in computer science and the other works with sophisticated software to build airports.

All we could see is their brains rotting in front of us…

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