The Reason Why I Work With Flower Essences

The Reason Why I Work With Flower Essences

The reason I work with flower essences is they “unstick” you. All of us, yes all of us get stuck on one thing or another. It may be anger. It may be getting over an old love. It may be not getting the “career” job that you worked for. It may be needing the long sought  approval from your parents and/or lovers.

This emotions and emotional responses get stuck in our energy field. When we consistently ruminate over a hurt or emotion it creates a certain magnetic field. It is similar to when we place metal objects with magnets. After a while our metal objects become magnetized and they attract more metal objects.

When we have a lot of “charged” emotions they begin to attract more emotions and situations to “charge”. So, try as we might we continue to attract the same core situation (heartbreak, debt, doubt, fear, betrayal, etc.) with different layers and different players.

I found that if we could change the energy dynamic then we could switch the “pole” of the magnet to begin to repel what we had been attracting for so long. Everyone begins with best of intentions as they recognize there is an ongoing problem. But, it seems that after a couple of weeks the “magnetic” pull stunted any real changes.

Flower essences and other vibrational remedies interrupt that “magnetic” pull. They can break us free and start fresh. Their effects are subtle and un-drug like so sometimes we don’t recognize their influence right away. As an example, if you are afraid of crows and your heart beats fast and you get panicky every time you are near a murder of crows, you can take a remedy “Mimulus” for known fears. Mimulus won’t nullify the fear but it will up your ” courage to face your fears” quotient which will dial down the fear response.

Plus they work amazingly well on animals, plants and children.

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