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Five First Aid Flower Essences
As we prepare physically it is also important to prepare emotionally and energetically. I have put together five first aid essences which will fortify our emotional well-being and energetic immune…
Blind Spots
When I do my readings, I explain to my clients that no matter how intelligent, capable , well read, intuitive and generally sophisticated and savvy we may be, we all…
The Reason Why I Work With Flower Essences
The reason I work with flower essences is they “unstick” you. All of us, yes all of us get stuck on one thing or another. It may be anger. It…
Writers write
Bottom line “writers write”. I’ve been writing for over 15 years. I’m published not self-published. The biggest thing that I had to learn about writing is the “doing it” part. Everyone…

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I’ve been having a rough time at life but there was a period of insanity. Divorce. Single Mom. Loss of Home. Abandonment. Special Needs Child. Unemployment. I woke up one…

– Michele T.

Dear Maryann,    Thanks for all the years of personal healing and guidance.  You are such a gifted intuitive and I have greatly benefited.  I truly believe you saved my…

– Dea’ Evans

Good evening Mary Ann!  I have received my orders thank you.   Luckily – I have one bottle of high vibrations in the blue bottle to compare to the silver.…

– Sherrill M