Holiday Pinks

pink treeWe talk about the holiday blues around this time of year. Depending on what part of the country we are in, we not only have the trials and tribulations of added giving and receiving, we also have the onslaught of gloomy doom inducing weather.

I just relocated from sunny southern california to the cool mist and and rain of the beautiful northwest. I’m no stranger to this climate having grown up in San Francisco but now it is even 10-20 degrees cooler.  I know, the four seasoners  are  making  fun of me for being a “wuss” right now. However, this gray gloom can be relentless.

I was feeling a little blue and gray the other day for no particular reason when I hit me that maybe this is what SAD (seasonal affective disorder) feels like. So, I took extra Vitamin D3 which seemed to help. It makes a difference and it is still gray out there.I’ve been told full spectrum lights help as well as brief sessions on the tanning beds.

So, I reached  into my personal tool box of flower essence looking for what will counteract this mean grays and ongoing days of minimal light.

I chose Mustard essence  as a great essence for letting the  golden sunshine in. Mustard essence  counteracts the blues which seem to one out of nowhere. It feels although a dark cloud descends on our consciousness . The blue gray feeling then seems to disappear as quickly as it came. Mustard essence infuses us with our natural light and helps us to remember what joy feels like. This remedy can put us back into the “pink”. We feel the sensation of warmth and connection again. We are looking good and feeling fine.


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