I’ve been having a rough time at life but there was a period of insanity. Divorce. Single Mom. Loss of Home. Abandonment. Special Needs Child. Unemployment. I woke up one morning with a strange rash that spread throughout the week and developed into little pustules. I thought it was an allergic reaction to a new detergent. It wasn’t–stress hives. I went to three different doctors over the course of a year who all prescribed the same treatment: steroids and then zyrtec or benadryl daily. The hives would ebb and flow. Sometimes there would be a flaming spot that would cross my chest that people could follow. I tried meditation, warm baths, took assorted natural supplements to control stress and inflammation. Anything.

I found Mary Ann on-line and went to one of her book signings. She was having quick 20 minute readings. She held my hands in hers and closed her eyes and focused on me. I wanted to cry. She whipped through her box and created a personal floral essence spray in a matter of minutes. Within 2 weeks, my hives were gone. No joke.

I now meet with Mary Ann periodically and we speak about all the things happening in my life. Life isn’t perfect but I have so much more control and perception because of her. She coaches and guides me and creates these floral essences along the way that are allowing me to pick up the pieces of my self and get on with life as a whole person. I don’t know what I would have done if I had never met her. She saved me from a life of prescriptions and pain.

Michele T. Orange County, CA

– Michele T. posted on TripAdvisor