I have had a privilege to meet Maryann, and it was a time in my life, I felt I needed insight, I have been very successful in life, until Dec 2013, my lease was rescinded, it came from headquarters, even the leasing could not understand it, I lost my home, my credit was bad, my family turned on me, for no reason. At a middle age adult, I was homeless for a very short while, I meet Maryann, and she told me, that a woman would be hiring me immediately, my life turned around just as she said, so, I took her wisdom and the insight she has is amazing. Today, I am on new Journey, new business adventure, and from what she told me, I feel very good about the changes I need to make. Thank you Maryann, for sharing a wonderful talent to help others.

But, it does not stop there, Her wisdom, insight, has given me hope, and brought a balanced in my life, professionally and personally. She is a great coach in Business with her wisdom and insight, she can help guide you, and get you back on your feet. All I can say, she brings peace, balance, hope, and Truth!

If any one gets a chance to talk to her.

– Anonymous