You Can.

Goldenrod essence is important for choosing to be true to you and your values and reality.

You can’t always get what you want…but you get what you need!  How much time and effort is spent wanting a new life, wanting more money, wanting more opportunity, wanting more love, wanting more fun and just plain “wanting”? How much time and interest is focused on how this is going wrong and “I can’t do this!” or “I can’t do that” and “I never get where I want to go!” “Everything always goes wrong!” and “Why me?”

What if we woke up one day and made the realization that maybe we should focus on what we want or choose rather than what we don’t want to choose. Notice the energy shift in just reading or saying this sentence out loud.” “I choose to experience______! Just do it! I choose to feel____! Feel the internal change which comes from having a choice in everything you do.

Scleranthus essence is the flower essence for choice. How many times have you done nothing because you were afraid to do something? It is traditionally used when you cannot decide to do one thing over another…you cannot make up your mind. Scleranthus essence assists you by feeling the support for your choices. You are no longer stymied or frozen because you cannot decide. You feel the prospects and confidence in the choice you make.

Scleranthus essence helps you to look at the bigger picture. So many times we think if we make a choice it limits us. We feel all our choices are mutually exclusive…so we become locked into the choice we make. By doing so it makes every choice we make so heavy and final. Scleranthus essence helps us by exercising our ability to make a choice and following through and the ability to adjust or choose differently as new circumstances may arise.

Cerato essence helps us to trust our choices. A Cerato essence is used when you ask everyone around what they think? What their opinion is? What you should do? How you should do it? You cannot make a stand and just choose, you agonize over having to think and it has to be absolutely right. You have inkling as to what you want to choose but your impressionable nature lets everyone but you make an impression. It is as if you don’t exist.

Cerato essence reminds you that you count. It reminds you that you exist and your contributions are of value. Nobody knows what you need as well as you do. It confirms your alignment with self as to being on your right path. You feel that inner knowing of what a right choice is and in particular what a right choice for YOU is.

Mullein essence helps you to choose what values you hold. In our current circumstance some of us may have sliding scale ethics. We struggle with what is right and what is right for right now. Mullein essence helps you with what is right for you at any given time. It works by accessing what your conscience teaches you and how much you wish to be aligned with your inner guidelines.

Mullein essence works with our Truth. You know you are there when you are there. You become a beacon for whatever it is you take a stand on. Mullein essence provides a backbone for belief. Your conscience becomes your consciousness.


Goldenrod essence is used when your choices may conflict with the choices of the group.  We all want to belong. It is an important part of how we connect with others. Goldenrod essence is important for choosing to be true to you and your values and reality as opposed to buying in to what everyone says you should do or be.

Goldenrod essence is maturing essence. It works by helping you to grow into the higher version of yourself. This essences is a essence for how you as an individual can cope with the pressure s of how you should be and what you should do as dictated by “those who know more’. Goldenrod essence is the “I know and I choose” essence. It is my turn and my turn to be me and that counts.

Choice, need and want seem to go together. We make great strides when we choose over wanting and needing. We empower ourselves with our choices because they are our choices. There is a tremendous about of reserve and resolve from making and taking a stand. You feel spirit guiding and aligning more powerfully when you choose based on what is working for you.

You will instantly know it as quality of being in the right place at the right time tends to occurs. You feel smoothness and a certainty. Pay attention to your direction. Pay attention to your choices. Run your programs you will immediately know when you are off track. Do the right thing! Yes you can!

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