Working the Plan.

Gentian essence is the first line defense for facing obstacles.

We all have heard the phrase one way or another “if you want to hear god laugh tell him your plans”. I like to pay attention to words, phrases or trends which seem to come in clusters. This time I have heard from several difference sources the theme of “this isn’t how I expected things would turn out!”  It made me reflect on how invested we are with “the plan”. What happens when the plan doesn’t’ quite work out as planned?

Some of us attempt to force the plan along. If it doesn’t work this way lets push it to work until it does. We all know how successful that tactic is…Some of us give up the plan. We “sour grapes “or invoke the divine will of god as to why the plan didn’t work out. Some of us try to sneak up on the plan. We don’t tell any one about it. We keep it a secret and if it fails or morphs into something else no one will know. So how do you keep one foot in front of the other when you start out with “a plan” and it is ever evolving?

Gentian essence is the first line defense for facing obstacles. We get knocked around. We get discouraged. We forget what we know. We forget how to get there and we forget how far we have already come. Gentian essence reminds us to overcome any discouragement. We may lose our place in line but we don’t need to lose our place period. Gentian essence restores the energetic battery necessary to work around “the plan”.

Gentian essence is great for the artists or creative among us. Think about all the times when you “see” the project or the piece. You begin the process of executing the vision but it quickly devolves or evolves into something else. Do you scrap the project or do you open your self up to new insights and new directions? The Gentian essence helps to rework the old pathways. It moves you beyond the discouragement and shows you how to really move and see beyond what your personal limitations are. You become much more mindful of true insight and true vision.

Explorer’s Gentian essence is for the world weary. We have worked the plan and lost our way. We can no longer get excited about the plan. We write if off to life’s lessons learned. This is a remedy for absolute depletion. Whether a health crisis or a financial crisis…this is the remedy for feeling you are at the end of the line. You have been there and you have done that and you no longer have the get up and go- because you feel it go up and left a very long time ago.

Explorer’s Gentian essence renews the sense of purpose and destiny. It reconnects you to the possibilities of life’s plan. You gain a broader sense of how all the pieces come together in such unexpected ways. You gain a perspective of not needing to know all the intricacies of the plan but the knowing of how you couldn’t have made this up if you tried.

Columbine essence is the essence for forgetting the “YOU” in the plan. You reached the point in your life where you forgot who you were. Whether you were highly indentified with a job or a role you lost your essence. You feel you have nothing more to give because you are all used up. You forgot how to do and you forgot how to be. You just plain forgot…

Columbine essence wakes you back up. You tap back into to who you are as an individual. You remember you have much you know and much to contribute. Most of all you get out of your mental and emotional prison of who you are and where you are supposed to be a such and such period of your life. You remember. You connect. You reconnect. You work a new plan with a whole new premise.


Fireweed essence is an important remedy for the time we are living right now. It is the “phoenix from the ashes” remedy. Whether we have been physical or emotionally affected by the current climate and political devastation we are all battle weary. It becomes too easy to give in and give up. Fireweed restores the creative “fire”. We rejuvenate. We reconnect. We feel restored. We know we can do anything as long as we can feel alive again.

Fireweed essence has many healing properties. It heals the physical and the emotional bodies. It aligns us with matrix of life. This is a great remedy when you have literally had to experience the negative effects from “fire” and technology. This is useful remedy for war and the war within. It serves us by illuminating how a new plan can surface in the most unexpected and unanticipated manner.


Lupine essence is used when you are consumed with your version of the plan. You work the plan at your expense and the expense of others. You are committed and devoted to the letter of the plan rather than the intent of the plan.  Lupine essence works by broadening your horizons. It helps you to have the experience of how your participation affects the whole. You are no longer an island working independently of others …you see how your butterfly wings create climate changes in unforeseen areas.

Lupine essence may be helpful for the monks on the mountain among us. We can see clearly and experience the greater truths but how do we translate those truths in day to day life with persons, places and things? Lupine can help translate those more lofty and singular goals to benefit all of us. W e evolve the plan in a profound manner.


The plan drives and thrives us. We need goals. We need direction. We need something to work for and toward. It is part of are being, thriving and striving. It is our nature. Let us not limit our natures by our mundane plans. Our direction and instruction comes from not being limited by our direction and instruction. Our plans are without limit.




Mary Ann Antenucci

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