Work is something the majority of us do as we all have to work in one capacity or another. It is an intrinsic part of our natures.  We manifest the jobs and careers which are suitable to our skills, set our goals and get focused. Some of us are driven, some of us are unmotivated and some of us don’t know what we want to be when we grow up.

So much time and energy is spent on getting there. What about what happens when you get there? How do we stay motivated? How do we create challenges to keep focused? How do we focus on what obstacle or limitations we must overcome to do the work? Why do we discount our goals and not give our achievements their due? How do we absorb ourselves in distractions?  Is your crisis an opportunity? Or is your opportunity a crisis?

Dandelion essence is for the tendency to “muscle” your way through your work. You are working to create your opportunity. You keep going until you can’t stop. It helps to alleviate the internal tension which builds and builds. Dandelion essence can be used when your “on switch” gets stuck. You can’t turn off. You can’t turn it down. You don’t have a sense of completion-you just have more to do.

Dandelion essence is for being driven to distraction. This is the hamster wheel essence. You work and work and never get to where you think you need to go. The result is toxic build up of unfulfilled drive. The drive is there but you forgot the destination. Dandelion essence breaks the cycle. Dandelion essence teaches what to do when the work is through.  It gives breathing space.


Lady’s Slipper essence is used when you work and work and don’t feel you sense of purpose. You work just to work and get no sense of accomplishment from you job. It feels like another meaningless drudge. The Lady’s Slipper essence helps you to spiritually align with your purpose. It doesn’t matter what you do but how you feel you are serving in the moment with all that you do.


Lady’s Slipper essence is for walking your path. So much of the time we can get stuck in our heads about what, how, when and where we should be in life. The Lady’ Slipper essence helps s to remember our connections to the greater good. We ultimately serve by being true to our selves in our greatest expression. Lady’s slipper shows us how to walk in our power.


Trillium essence works when the motivation is purely for power and material goods. Your sole purpose is to work more and more for more and more. It doesn’t stop and you never feel the pleasure of the end result. You always want more. You feel there is a deep black hole which can only be filled with what you can get. You never get there.


Trillium essence helps to balance the primary motivation for power and “stuff”. It fills the fulfillment by shifting from the pursuit of power only to the pursuit of service through your abilities. You are no longer so self obsessed with what you want want want for you you you. The drive becomes the vehicle for achievement and connection. The focus is now balanced true motivation and the sense of a job well done-a completion.


California poppy essence is for being addicted to the glamour of the “career”. You build up a fantasy as to how your work or job should be. You become disappointed because it doesn’t serve or fulfill the way it supposed to-the way it does in the movies or shows. You feel ripped off and are attracted to whatever get rich quick schemes will make you that million or make excuses for not feeling committed because it doesn’t live up to your particular standard. You never realize nothing will live up to the glitz and glamour of how your life should be.



California poppy essence shows you the light of you contributions. You feel the value of what you have to offer. You feel your part no matter how big or how small. Your strength is in who you are and what your particular capacity is. It is enough to be you. California poppy essence breaks the spell of charismatic influence. It validates who you are and what you do. You make it work for you. You work becomes more meaningful as you have a deeper knowing of your place in the grand scheme of things.


Wild Oat essence is for when you cannot figure out what you want to be when you grow up or what you want to do. You can do this and you can do that, nothing seems to stick. This is the jack of all trades essence. You become exhausted by too many options but still feel something isn’t quite right.


Wild oats essence helps you to find your way. It sorts through your god given talents and lets your purpose rise to the surface. You feel the motivation by re- evaluating who you are and seeing what skills you have to offer.


We all work in one capacity of another. We work for ourselves and our families. We work for goals and dreams. We work to see how far we can go and we work for how far we have come. The key is to remember what we are working for and how it serves the greater good. It is enough to be us. We show up for work with a unique set of talents and contributions. Our crisis is the opportunity to grow. Our opportunity is our crisis to show who we are and where we are going. We are more than we can ever know.

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