What We See Isn’t Always What We Get.

What we see isn’t always what we get. As I was watching a program about the president’s official photographer, I was inspired by what the photographer had to say about working with the president. He stated that he loved working with the president because he was so comfortable in his own skin. I love that phrase “comfortable in your own skin”. How many of us are this comfortable?

How much time, energy and money are devoted to being able to look at your self in the mirror? Our reflections are a distortion of whatever is going on in our minds that day. We see the big nose, the chubby middle, the blemish the size of a volcano or the toothpick arms. We see what we focus on and what we are disturbed by. The pictures don’t match. So, how do we match the pictures in our minds with what we really see? How do we correct the distortion?

Pretty Face essence is used when you don’t like what you see. This is the “big thighs, bad hair, whittle the middle” essence. Not matter what you do or what you think, you still see that big monster or little twerp…you see what you don’t love, never what you do love! Pretty Face essence is for bridging the appearance gap. You first start with having a truce with your appearance. You look at yourself and make the decision that maybe the thighs aren’t so Shrek like. They are strong sturdy and capable. They get you to where they need to go.

Pretty Face essence helps you to see yourself in different terms. You are no longer so defined by the perceptions of how you don’t measure up or can’t compare to. It gives you perspective on being you and being comfortable with you as a unique emanation of light and love. This essence is a reminder of how all greatness comes from self acceptance. Look around a media images…the most profound beauty and art defies conventional parameters of beauty. Much beauty and attractiveness is also a lot of confidence and chutzpah…what you feel about yourself is what others see.

Manzanita essence is for feeling that you are above the needs of the body. You feel all physical requirements are forces to be overcome or at lest reckoned with. You feel it is your spiritual duty to deny or deprive yourself of the pleasure of the flesh. Manzanita essences remind you that your body is part of your spiritual path. On earth it is difficult to function one without the other.

Manzanita essence reminds us our body is part of our nature. We can’t disconnect because we don’t like some of the parts. This is a great physical integrator. It shows us the spirit in the skin and the beauty of what it feels like to be alive and more importantly the responsibility we have to keep ourselves alive, functional and intact in order to reach those higher spiritual states. Manzanita essence helps us to feel more at home in our body. It shows us how to respect as a temple of life and love.

Rock Water essence is for those who are following a strict spiritual discipline…whether vegan, core balance, Atkins, or macrobiotic, they have come to believe by adhering to strict physical guidelines they are on a sure path to enlightenment. Their way is the only way. SO, if you slip with that cheeseburger or Twinkie your access to divine is severely compromised.

Rock Water essence reminds us that extreme denial isn’t the passkey to heaven. Spiritual enlightenment recognizes the time and place for all extensions of God… That chocolate bar or velvet comforter or sensual touch is just as much of a reminder of the sweetness of life as prayer and angelic guidance and deprivation… Rock Water essence is about balancing the all aspects of life and consciousness. It teaches us to be in the flow of life rather than dam the river. It shows us how the rock is warmed in the sun to provide warmth and comfort and structure for spirit. The water flows where and when it needs to go.

Madrone essence is for the appreciation of the physicality and abundance of the body. When we have an aversion to the size and shape of us, we deny our very livelihood. This essence is used for the feeling of being too big. We feel our “bigness” and deny our bodies to make ourselves smaller. This essence can be helpful for sever and chronic dieting where you never feel like you get there. All you see is “BIG” and how you don’t match the media images of how you are supposed to be.

Madrone essence helps you to feel more connected to your own physicality. It gives you ownership and connects you to the abundant aspects of your self. You soon come to have appreciation for your ample bottom or goddess like belly. You see and feel yourself with different eyes. You see and feel yourself as God would see and feel you. You accept yourself.

It has become difficult to be self accepting especially when it comes to the physical. We see every flaw, every pound and every inch. We see all imperfections amplified and exaggerated. We rarely see how all of our parts fit together to be a greater whole. We rarely see how a little self love goes along way to loving yourself and loving others. Be comfortable in your skin. Give yourself a hug and a kiss and mean it!

Love the way you move! Love the way you look! Love the way you are! Be it to love it!


Mary Ann

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