What Does Love Want From You?

Chicory essence is for feeling entitled to love and attention. This essence is helpful for that “with all that I do for you!’ feeling

We think we know what we want from love. We want the romance, the honeymoon, the gazing into each other’s eyes. We want to have the “happily ever after” scenario. We want to connect and be part of something bigger. We want to feel the bond and the bonding. We want the dream and we want it all NOW.

The love we want is so personal and lives inside our private constellations. We know we want the feeling of love and most of the time we are thinking about how love should feel.  Some of us however  have difficulty with allowing the feeling of love. Love is a current and a connection which requires surrender rather than negotiation. What does the love you want, want from you?

Holly essence is the ultimate essence for unconditional love. This essence is a catalyst for transmutation and for the transformation of love. When you have a feeling of discomfort and you know something is not quite right  you can use this essence to clear the pathway for other essences. It helps to clear the emotional palate and for you to get real with what is right and with what is important.

Holly essence is also an antidote for other negative emotions such as hate and jealousy. It helps by clearing the small heart from “what can I get from this?” to the larger heart of “what can I give?” Holly opens the heart to receive love not just the romantic or common form of love but the bigger love which makes us great. Holly essence wants your love to grow and be boundless.

Pink Yarrow essence is the “empathy” essence. This essence reminds us compassion doesn’t mean dysfunction. Healing is not served by bleeding into the wound. Cross contamination helps no one… When you don’t know where you begin and the other ends all you get is a big infected mess.

Pink Yarrow essence teaches us how to have the right boundaries for the right situation. Compassion teaches us how to radiate love and healing not to absorb pain and strife. Pink yarrow essence cleans up that emotional sponginess and reminds us love and healing come from a place of strength not a contribution to limitation .Pink yarrow essence wants your love to be strong and sure.

Bleeding Heart essence is perfect for what it is named for “a bleeding heart” This formula is for feeling like you are going to die of grief or from another deep emotional loss. This could be a “broken heart”, a job loss, a difficult move or some other form of injury. Bleeding Heart essence is also for feeling the fear of that loss so it makes you want to hold on tighter for fear of losing the object of your desire.

Bleeding Heart essence helps with possessiveness and wanting security from love and loved ones. This essence is a beacon for the purity of love. It reminds us that to really love something we have to be willing to let it go. Bleeding Heart essence teaches us emotional freedom and frees us from the fear of loss. Bleeding heart essence wants your love to be unconditional.

Borage essence is your heart cleanser. Its specialty is to go inside the energy chamber of the heart and clear out all the old imprints and patterns of wants, needs, stresses and distresses. This is the remedy which will help free your heart. It is an emotional pattern breaker and has the distinct ability to help you start fresh.

Borage essence restores your emotional confidence. It brings back the trust in your sense and your sense of trust. Borage essence lifts the heavy heart. It regenerates your natural optimism. Borage can be a remedy for hope. It lifts the burden of discomfort and discouragement. This essence is a balm for any heart stings, strings and throbs. Borage essence wants love to be courageous and uplifting.

Chicory essence is for demanding love and attention. We all want varying degrees of love and attention. This is normal. Chicory essence is for those who demand love and attention. If they can’t get positive attention then they will succumb to a device for negative attention. Overall they want to be seen and the source of everything around them.

Chicory essence is for feeling entitled to love and attention. This essence is helpful for that “with all that I do for you!’ feeling. This is the formula for conditional love. Love has conditions and requirements and if they are not fulfilled love is withheld or withdrawn. Chicory essence reminds us how to love and to give without expecting anything in return. Chicory essence wants your love to be free.

Pink Monkeyflower essence is used when you feel such guilt and/or shame you feel you don’t deserve any kind of love. You feel unlovable and undeserving. You feel exposed all the time and want to hide the true you. Pink Monkeyflower helps you to be more emotionally honest so you are being loved for you.

Pink Monkeyflower essence is a remedy for emotional safety. It teaches you that it is OK to be who you are. You are reminded that you get more of what you want from love by being more of who you are. You free yourself to take emotional risk with courage and grace. Pink Monkeyflower wants your love to deserve you.

Love wants us. It wants all of us. It wants us to share. It wants us to be. It wants us to give. It wants us to receive. Love expects us to love ourselves and to share our selves with one another. Raise the bar. Look in the mirror and be the love you want to share. Be worthy.

Kiss your Valentine and laugh.


Many Blessings of LOVE

Mary Ann




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