What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

We are so action and movement oriented that we don’t often the value of doing nothing. …Nothing feels like nothing. So we struggle with the concept of nothing..Maybe we contemplate the word play of “no thing’. Sounds very zen and there are thousands of years of practise devoted to the concept.

However, ¬†lets get back to the orignal premise of “what to do when you don’t know what to do?” You can sit in chair or your car or your bed and go through all the possibilites. You basically think. Then maybe you get tired or irritated with what you have come up with. There has to be something better or more inspired you think to yourself. Or, you struggle with “how did I get here?’ and rail at the universe.

What if you did nothing ? What if “no thing” became a viable solution. When you contemplate “no thing” it can transform itself into places you never believed you could go. What if you just had to wait it out? What if you sat with it or on it as does the famous Rodans’s “Thinker “? Maybe the value comes from not knowing and embracing the mystery.

Angelica essence taps us into the guidance of our mystery. We feel a cloak of comfort and connection which  inspires and infuses us with a deeper knowing. We feel a more direct line to our innate wisdom.

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