What are You Doing With What You Have?

All of us are given a variety of gifts, talents and inclinations. We often tend to discount what comes to us easily. We think everyone can do what we do. If we have curly hair, we want straight hair. If we are tall, we want to be average size. If we are short we want to have long legs. If we have a small chest we want a large chest. If we have a large chest we want a breast reduction. We often have what we don’t want and want what we don’t have.

How do we measure up? How many of us fail our personal inventory? How do we compare ourselves? We define ourselves as to what we have, what our gifts are and what more do we want to be. What is that measure which we model ourselves to? How do we limit our experience by an arbitrary filter dictated by “they” or “them”? How are we standing in our own way? How do we free ourselves to be ourselves?

Pine essence is the guilt essence. Pine essence can help you with the feelings of deep guilt and when you feel responsibility for everything.  Whether you inquired about a pregnancy which turned out to be a thick middle or you forgot to feed your fish or your cut someone off in traffic which caused a fender bender. This remedy can benefit anyone whether they feel guilty or not. It lets the soul light back in…

Pine essence works when we get consumed with the darkness of our thoughts and deeds. We can feel our life forces oppressed by the weight of our choices. We view our actions under a microscope and all our perceived misdeeds are amplified. “We did it!” “We were wrong” and “Everything negative or bad that happens to ourselves or anyone around us is our fault.” Pine essence reminds us to liberate ourselves from unnecessary guilt. Pine essence helps us to look in the right direction or version of who we are and what we have accomplished in our lives. Pine essence frees us to be worthy of love and self-respect.

Buttercup essence is for that artificial gauge of who you are and how you fit in. Butter cup essence reminds u that we are all of unique paths. What may be right for one person is not the standard for another. Buttercup essence is for feeling “different” and therefore judging your lack of conformity as basis for self-loathing.

Buttercup essence directly addresses the distortion of how we view ourselves.” No one could possibly love or desire us because of big ears, a small chest, red hair or anything which is not the latest and greatest trend. This remedy helps us to embrace and accept our idiosyncrasies. We find our imperfect perfection. We free ourselves by being as Grace Jones sings” I’m not perfect but I’m perfect for you!”

Echinacea essence works when there has been an assault to our sense of self whether physical, spiritual or emotional. There are so any modern factors which can disrupt our connection to our higher self and spirituality. Echinacea heals our soul connections. It helps to rebuild our energy fields and our connections to our core fiber.

Echinacea essence helps us by maintaining and integrating all the experiences which we feel defines us. This remedy challenges us by restoring our sense of self and purpose. It moves us beyond our limitations of what has happened to us and embraces the weaving together of the sum of all our experiences. Echinacea essence frees us by redefining who we are at a core level.

Golden Yarrow essence allows for expressing you as you. Many of us don’t feel comfortable enough to be ourselves especially if we are sensitive. We may mold ourselves to adjust to others expectations of how we should be. For example if someone see us a creative, we might have the expectation of acting out “the artist” for them. We may find ourselves performing to various archetypes rather than being our performing as our authentic selves.

Golden Yarrow essence acts to strengthen our abilities to be authentic and sensitive. It allows to not be so overwhelmed and more connected to our gifts and talents. Golden Yarrow essence moves us from living in the shadow of our personal and creative expression to co-creating with all the tools available. Golden yarrow essence frees you to be protected while being you.

Pin Yarrow essence is for blurring the energy boundaries and acting as a human shock absorber. Pink Yarrow essence is for compassion run rampant. This is the essence when you want to help and you want to heal and you use all of YOUR resources to do it. You lose the fine line of what is theirs and what is yours.

Pink Yarrow essence stops the emotional bleeding. This remedy helps by having you look at how you value yourself. Do only have value when you give your life force to another? Do you feel like you have to “fix” it so won’t feel the pain of others? Pink Yarrow essence helps you to contain your emotional forces and utilize them for grounding and wholeness. Pink Yarrow essence frees you by helping you to honor your own emotional boundaries.

The best way we can use what we have is by honoring what we have. We don’t deny or negate or invalidate, we work with who we are and what we have. This is the challenge all of us have. It may be the manner in which we are constructed and created. We are created to create. The best and brightest thoughts, ideas and inventions come from moving beyond our limitations and utilizing what we have to work with and a different way. Let your difference make a difference. Free yourself to be that self.


Mary Ann






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