Manzanita essence is the “body” essence. This essence helps you to have a deeper appreciation of all the aspects of your body

Warm weather brings more exposure and makes us more conscious of how we feel in our skin. We show more skin and show more of ourselves. We may feel more exposed as we take stock of how we feel about ourselves physically. Most of us focus on that one little spot (or big) of our anatomy that we are less than thrilled with. We amplify the belly pooch or we exaggerate the elbow or neck. When we look in the mirror all we see is our humongous belly or behind or that extra chin…

How do we feel comfortable in our skin? How do we embrace ourselves in spite of ourselves? What do you need to change about your physical perception in order to fully accept all of you? How does your mental distortion prevent you from personal progress?  What do you need to do in order to feel comfortable in your skin? What do you feel about added exposure? What do you need to do in order to radiate the beauty that is you?

Manzanita essence is the “body” essence. This essence helps you to have a deeper appreciation of all the aspects of your body. It stops that judgment which holds a magnifying glass over our perceived imperfections. Manzanita essence helps you to embrace you as you. Maybe you have a little extra here or there or maybe you have your curls in all the wrong places. Manzanita essence reminds you of your perfection as you are.

Manzanita essence works with the concept of your body as an object. You either see it as a function to serve spirit or as an imperfect vehicle to liberate your spirit from. Manzanita essence helps you to integrate into your physicality as a partnership with your spirituality. In order to fuel heaven you have to feed the earth. Manzanita essence teaches us to not look at the part which often troubles us but to look and embrace the whole which supports and provides for us. Manzanita essence lets our beauty radiate from our so called imperfect vehicle.

Dogwood essence is the essence for awkwardness. Many of us feel clumsy about how we walk or talk or are lacking in gracefulness. Dogwood addresses the feelings of stumbling over your feet, fidgeting with your hands and arms and not quite knowing what to do with yourself. It is as though your body doesn’t quite fit you as if you are wearing clothes to big or small.

Dogwood essence restores the grace which is specific to your body. It helps us by smoothing out old patterns which may be trapped in our physical response .i.e. we feel our shoulders rise up to our ears every time we feel judged dismissed. We may feel our body doesn’t do what it is supposed to do and inflict ourselves with dread and doubt. Dogwood essence helps us to radiate with natural grace and beauty.

Dandelion essence is for holding internal tension. It is often used to relax pent up musculature form holding on too tight or trying too hard. One of its more powerful uses is holding on to emotional rigidity. You are wound so tightly it is almost impossible for you to let go or to relax. There is no flow…

Dandelion essence supports the natural flow. You can be so consumed by doing and achieving and how you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to look like, you lose sight of who you are and what you came in with. Dandelion essence helps us to radiate strength and flow under pressure.

Heather essence is used when you just want to be liked. It doesn’t matter if you like them or what you may think about them, you want to be that object of desire and you may go to great extremes to get the attention which you desire. This remedy is for the positive verses negative energy attention. If you can’t get positive attention you will resort to getting negative attention. You must be the center of attention even if it requires you to wear a transparent umbrella with nothing else on…

Heather essence is when you feel your voice is the only voice or your opinion is the only opinion or your body is the only body. You want everyone to know all about what you think, what you are doing, how you are doing it, your chubby thighs, what your boyfriend or mother thinks about them and them extract a consensus on what they really look like and what you should do about it….Heather essence rejuvenates your sense of yourself. It shows you how you show up and reminds you that you don’t have to try so hard just to be noticed. Heather essence radiates your natural esteem as your need to be seen or heard is balanced with your need to serve.

Let the warmth of the sun, warm the feelings you show toward yourself. Let the extra exposure expose you to new parts of yourself. Let the enhanced physicality let you appreciate your vitality. Let the sun radiate and tap your inner and outer beauty. Let your energy center be the center of energy. Let your radiance show through…Let your light shine in. Let your sun shine in.


Mary Ann



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