Waiting for the Window

Clematis essence helps you to put your dreams into your feet and your feet in reality

What is stopping you? What has to happen before you get to be you? What has to happen in order for you to move on with your life? What has to happen for you to HERE to THERE? Am I there yet? Can I do it now? When will I be ready? When will I have enough? I have to do this before I can do that!

We seem to be waiting- waiting for the right time, waiting for the right words, waiting for the right opportunity and /or waiting to be more so we can be more. We try and strive and try and strive some more. Either we are on that Merry-go-round waiting to jump on or we are in front of those revolving doors waiting for enough window for us to step in .In either case we can wait for the Merry-go-round to slow down so we can jump on or we can put our foot in the door to create an opening or we can wait for the “perfect” timing for the perfect opening. How much time and effort is spent waiting for the window?

Dandelion essence is for over striving and wanting it all now.  You strive and strive and never feel as   if you are making any progress. So you strive some more, feeling tenser and force the future. This is the “if it doesn’t fit, force it” remedy. You feel the more you force it the more it will fit according to your will.

Dandelion essence is also for when you just can’t let go. This is the” pit bull” remedy. You clamp down and hold on as if your life depends on it. You push and push trying to compress all of your life doings in a finite amount of time and you still can’t get it all done.  Dandelion essence helps you by releasing the internal tension so you can flow through your window.

Clematis essence is for living through the dream of your future self. You can see yourself with a certain position or a certain mate or even a certain lifestyle. However there is no way for you to get there. It goes on inside your head. There is no step taken to live your future. Clematis essence is for when the dream is enough.

Clematis essence helps you to put your dreams into your feet and your feet in reality. All of the visions and dreams which flow so easily through your head now gets redirected and centered into walking your path. This essence makes you pay attention to where you are, where you are going and most important how you are going to get there… It puts the dream into reality. Clematis essence helps you by opening the window to the now.

Mimulus essence is for the fear of not having enough time to do all the things you want to do. SO, you focus on the fear and how time is running out and you will never get there. Mimulus essence helps you to deal with all the little things which hold you back or make you afraid to step forward. You let your fears rule you and let every little challenge or obstacle get in your way. You become obsessed with the problems rather than the solutions.

Mimulus essence doesn’t really get rid of your fears but boosts your courage quotient. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Mimulus essence works well when all the little annoying things get it the way. This is the essence for anyone who is hypersensitive and feels assaulted by all their senses. Mimulus essence creates a psychic filtering system as a window to your well-being.

Indian Pink essence is for feeling the pressure of everyday life. There are too many things to do in too short of a time. There are many conflicting demands which leave your frazzled and frustrated. Once you start one thing another thing becomes even more of a priority. You can’t stop and you can’t differentiate. All you know is there are many things to do now and you can’t get to or finish any of them.

Indian Pink essence helps you with the attraction to the intensity of activity. You feel you need to be doing and moving in order to feel alive. You define your life force by how much you can achieve in any given time. Indian Pink essence calms the agitation and reminds you of the strength of having a core of calm. Indian Pink essence opens the window to calm, cool and collected.

Cayenne essence is the” wake up and smell the coffee” formula. It shakes us out of comfy cocoon of complacency. It reminds us that we are here to grow, to be and to be all we can be. It breaks us out of any pattern of stagnation. It shifts us to seek new experiences for our growth and delight.

Cayenne essence is a catalyst. It works well with any other essence to super charge changes. It literally adds spice and movement to your life. It transforms you by breaking up internal patterns of crystallization so you can move freely again. Cayenne essence wakes you to the window of change and transformation.

There is no time like the present. The present will present itself by cooperating with all it has to offer. Sometime there is value in waiting and where do you draw the line between waiting and wasting?  When we wait for the ‘right” circumstance we can lose track of all the little “wrongs” which lead us to right. Step out. Step in. Step on. Step though. All you have is now. Be it. Use it. Embrace it. Open all those windows now!


Mary Ann





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