Using your Words

trumpet vine
Trumpet Vine essence give you command over your voice. It helps you to use your vocabulary in the most empowered manner

You can’t find the words… You have all these important things you want to share and say. You start to articulate but it doesn’t come out right… You feel misunderstood. You even misunderstand what you are trying to say. Those aren’t the words. Why can’t the words say what you want to say and mean what you want them to? You feel so frustrated by all those important concepts, words and feelings need to come through but stay silent…

How many of us are staying silent or are being misunderstood by what we are want to say? Do you find yourself saying “that is not what I meant?” Or “How did they get that from what I said?” or “are we speaking the same language?”  Words ground your meaning into action. Words are your wand for change. What do your words want to say about you?

Trumpet Vine essence is typically used for speech impediments or stuttering. It is difficult to get the words out. You know what you want to say but stumble. It doesn’t sound right. You feel nobody wants to listen. People ignore you when you speak or talk over you. You can’t project. Your words fall flat.

Trumpet Vine essence give you command over your voice. It helps you to use your vocabulary in the most empowered manner. You feel good expressing yourself as you with your words. You allow color, timbre and personality to come into your voice. You no longer feel intimated by what you are not and embrace what you are. Trumpet Vine essence wants your words to say “I have a voice!”

Calendula essence is for having a “tone”. Everyone will respond to the ‘tone” rather than the words. Assumptions are made about your character because of your tone of voice. Calendula essence works by softening the “tone”.  This is a great essence for communication because it helps to release a lot of the pent up aggression which comes from reacting to the “tone”.

Calendula essence increases warmth active communication. It opens you to using your voice as a tool to connect and soothe. Your words create connection rather than argumentative distancing. Your words caress and create new avenues for exchange. Calendula essence wants your words to hum with warmth and loving support.

Cosmos essence is one of my personal favorites. This is a great remedy for writer or people who work with words or creativity. The best way I can describe this essence is it helps you to pull a word or concept and develop it into congruent piece of work. For example, you have all these work or pieces and each one sounds good on its own but now you have to pull them altogether. The words get lost because you don’t know how to connect the dots. You get frustrated because it loses its magic and is far from what you want ted to originally say…

Cosmos essence organizes it all. It makes sense. You find a way to construct it and the pieces come together. Maybe they are not exactly what you thought they would be but better and now they make more sense. Cosmos take that create force and grounds it into substance. It helps you to execute your projects and your process. Cosmos essence wants your words to say ‘they sound better than I thought!”


Snapdragon essence is for those of us who express through sarcasm. You think you are being clever but get mixed reviews as to what you say and how you say it. Then , you try to hold back the criticism or biting words but end up with TMJ or teeth grinding because you have such a powerful need to express but can’t… you feel the power of your expression but the delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

Snapdragon essence helps you to release all the pent up energy in your throat chakra.  It cleanses and clears the stuck words and projects. It frees you to vividly express yourself. It transmutes the tension into active creativity. All of the force which holds you back can now propel you into your future.  Snapdragon essence wants your words to have passion, clarity and creative expression.

Vervain essence is the “overload” essence. Whether you are converting the masses, working your program, achieving your goals or trying to climb to the top of that mountain, you can cross the line between enthusiasm and obsession. It is particularly useful for influencing others to your point of view. Whatever your belief is you want everyone to get on board and see the power and beauty of whatever your particular message is. Your message may be powerful, life changing and filled with truth and beauty but your delivery is strained and overdone. You feel flooded with all the positive energy and want to share your message, vision and dream. You are trying too hard and are exhausted by the effort. So you try even harder and meet with the same results.

Vervain essence teaches you the right use of persuasion and enthusiasm. You can still feel aligned with your cause but not consumed by the need to convert everyone. Vervain essence helps you with inner poise and the power of persuasion through your words. This remedy is the “overload’ essence Vervain essence wants you to use your words to inspire and motivate.

Your words are your instrument for change. Your words can be finely tuned and make everything hum with joy or so harsh they repel like nails on the blackboard. What do your words say about you? What do you want your words to say? The clearer your words are the more clear you will be. Let your words flow with love. As we say to small children “use your words.”



Mary Ann




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