Tuning in, Turning On and Tuning Up

Where are you right now? What are you paying attention to? What is captivating your attention? Have you noticed the more you pay attention and the more in tune you are with what is going on that the more things seem to stream together? We so easily get stuck in what direction to take and the “how to’s “and “what to do?” Just for a moment think about how when you least expect it the answer can literally appear before your eyes. You are driving along, ruminating about what do to and where to go and all of a sudden the answer or huge insight appears on the license plate in front of you. Is it coincidences or were you now ready to see it?

The more you tune in, the more you are able to experience exactly what you need to experience. We so often get consumed by the process that we don’t’ remember or fail to see how the process works. Many times it is quite simple, you ask and you receive. You may not recognize the answer because the question you asked wasn’t quite clear. Maybe you were asking from angst or ego and didn’t recognize the response or it didn’t register as a response. What happens when you become in tune with direction, clarity and surrender…everything! The bigger question is how to turn on and tune in?

Angelica essence helps to remind us of how truly connected we are. When we operate from the space of feeling alone, lonely and isolated or more importantly feeling “cut off’, the Angelica essence acts a conduit to our angels and our divinity. It is a gentle essence protecting us from our own sense of separation. This separation from source contributes to our aloneness and our inability to tune in and or connect to the treasures of wisdom.

Angelica essence connects us to our higher elves. It helps us to see and experience ourselves as god sees or experiences us. We no longer feel so lonely or locked out. Angelica essence is a blessing in a bottle. You feel the difference when you pray or meditate…you feel the essence unlock the doors. Mind you the doors are how you perceive “the disconnect” from yourself and source and Angelica essence shifts the energy. It has an expansive quality which turns on your connection and insight.

Star Tulip essence is also known as “cat’s ears”. This essence is specifically for tuning in and expanding your awareness for prayer and meditation. This is “I can meditate” essence. Star Tulip helps with the barriers to expanded awareness and consciousness. If you feel you have a fortress around your heart or mind which closes you off to being more than the body which you inhabit, the Star Tulip can help you with the energy adjustment.

Star Tulip essence is the “intuition” essence. It breaks downs the walls as it creates a gentle and loving connection to your higher self. It reminds us that the higher versions of ourselves a d guidance is always available. It helps us to expand period. The delicate qualities of the cat’s  ears or Star Tulip essence reminds us to listen with out “cat’s ears”—tuning in to all inner insight and movement.


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