Transformation is a Popular Word These Days.

Transformation is a popular word these days. By definition the meaning of transform is to change in composition or structure. Transformation can be subtle and also profound. We can transform our bodies. We can transform our minds. We can transform our spirit. At the same time how ready are we to literally transform our substance and how resistant are we to the actual process itself?  . We by nature have a natural aversion to change. We don’t know what we will change to and how we will be affected.

I love the concept of how all points lead to now. You can see how the seeds are change already exist in the moment. If you have every played with the transformer toys or watched the “transformer “cartoon or movie you would recall how a simple or mundane car or device would shift, adjust and change into something kind of recognizable but more powerful. You could easily see where it began but you didn’t know where the shifts would occur and how the structure or format would evolve.

Walnut essence is the ultimate essence for transformation and change. It has a protective quality which addresses the fear of the unknown. It also has the energizing quality to help facilitate the “jumping into the void” or the “jumping off point” or “let’s do it now”. You may not know where you are going but you “know” you will get here. Walnut essence is great for those of you in that “FOOL” state of the Tarot…take the first step and the safety net will appear. The Walnut essence can help to provide the energetic “safety net”.

Walnut essence is good for embracing the New Year and anything and everything new. We have great expectations; don’t know how we might achieve them or where we will be in a few days let alone a few months or years. Walnut essence is a “graduation” remedy. You “graduate “into your next level. You transform from what you now know to what you will be next.

Love-Lies-Bleeding essence has the capacity to help those transformed through pain and suffering.  It overtakes the senses when you are in such a state of pain and discomfort- whether emotional, physical or psychological. Love-lies bleeding is he “anything is better than this” remedy. You become non functional or stifled by such a heavy burden. It’s not easy to feel that it can be something other than a deep oppressive sensation. Love-Lies bleeding essence transforms by helping us to reconnect with our divine source and reframes what how the experience serves the soul’s growth. It assists in identifying what the contract is and how you choose to participate in it.

Love-lies-bleeding essence transforms by helping us to look at the big picture. We may be limited by our experience of suffering. This remedy moves us beyond our personal limitation to how the pain or suffering may help us to help ourselves by being of service in a precise manner .We shift the experience itself by having a deeper understanding of the purpose of such challenges.

Sweet Chestnut essence is another essence to be used for being at the end of your rope or being stretched beyond your limits. This is the essence for hitting your bottom or bottoming out. There is no other place to go. Your challenges have become so extreme you have to change. You have to transform. There is no other way out.

Sweet Chestnut essence can also be the “born again” essence. It helps you to release the hold on your archaic and unworkable reality so you can now surrender. The transformation of the surrender allows for all the new light force to come in and refuel your being, freeing you from our past. It helps you to feel and fuel the homecoming your soul has been longing for. You are transformed by the light of your soul speaking to you.

Baby blue eyes essence transforms rigid and brittle energy by helping to restore innocence. We may find that we become jaded, cynical and world weary. We know it all. We have seen it all and no longer have the capacity to become pleasantly surprised.  We may feel there is nothing new under the sun and here is nothing to get excited about. Baby bluerock rose,  eyes essences reconnects the love- reconnects that sense of being adored by something greater than ourselves. We feel the support and we feel the back up. We have an energetic back up system.

This remedy is traditionally used for father issues whether absent or distant. Baby Blue eyes essence helps with the defensive posture coming from always having to be on guard because you don’t feel safe. This is a trust restoring essence. You feel strong enough to be soft and a sense of safety with your choices. You are able to transform cynicism into hopeful innocence and possibility.

Rock Rose essences transform by showing you how to have courage to venture into unknown territory. It is traditionally used for terror and the positive outcome of using this essence is transformation of blind fear to the courage to face your personal demons. This is the essence for acute mental or physical stress or the perception of such. Rock Rose essence transforms by overcoming the fear state. Rose helps you to mobilize the deep well of strength which resides within. A great remedy for phobias as well. This remedy is for the nervous Nellys among us who try to maintain a calm even disposition but are quaking on the inside. It guides by restoring perspective and soothing the nervous system.

Transformation is ALWAYS a part of life. At the time of this writing the very word transformation may be distorted and over used. Remember by definition to transform is to change structure and composition. We are at a critical time when it is necessary to change the structure of how we think and operate and create a new composition. We can now move beyond the limitations of our past, of our pain and all the little things which have acted as challenges to our greatness. Let the light in and be open to experience the real you and the freedom of your own transformation.




Mary Ann

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