Time Distortions

aloe vera
Aloe Vera essence works by making us more present in our lives

Our awareness of time is something which defines us. When we are young, we can’t wait to be older. When we are old we wish we were younger. When we are bored time drags on and on. When we are excited time flies by. It seems as though we have difficulty being in sync with where we are in time.

Time can also be fleeting and unpredictable. As we pay attention to how we use time, we become more aware of the window which time can open or close. We all have had glimpses of what it feels like to be in the groove of being in the right place at the right time. By contrast many of us also know what it feels like to be a day late and a dollar short. How do we best utilize our partnership with time and timing?

Aloe Vera essence is the” burning the candle at both” ends essence. It reminds us to push the “pause” button. It teaches us that we can have more control over how we utilize time by taking the extra step and/or adjusting to a slower pace. Aloe Vera essence helps us to flow with our energy.

Aloe Vera essence works by making us more present in our lives. We so often have a split between what we are doing and what more we have to do. This creates an internal tension and makes us out of sync with our timing. We find ourselves getting burnt out and run out of fuel with many miles and tasks to complete because we are not correctly utilizing our resources .Aloe Vera essence partners us with being in present time and conscious pace where all things are possible.

Arnica essence stops and releases us from the effects of old patterns of trauma and drama. Physical and emotional trauma can become trapped in our energy body and we find that we cannot freely move from our past influences. Arnica essence unlocks our recurrent patterns to liberate us from stuck patterns.

Arnica essence helps us by integrating our past experiences. The energy of Arnica essence is similar to pulling out a long painful splinter which has been deeply embedded and covered with old scar tissue. The Arnica essence creates a new pathway to healing and breaking through limitations and unconscious patterns. Arnica essence partners us with timing by healing the reverberations of old traumas.

Dandelion essence is the essence for Eve-Ready bunny that keeps going and going and doesn’t know how to turn off. This essence is for all of us who try to do too much in too short a period of time. I believe this is the perfect essence for all the tekies out there. We are on our phones, our devices, watching TV, checking email trying to fill every minute with the utmost efficiency. Then we don’t know how to turn it all off. We believe we are being effective. However our innate tension to keep doing what we are doing exacts a toll on our energy levels so we never feel like we are doing enough.

Dandelion essence is the intensity remedy .This essence makes us listen to rhythm of our bodies and establishes a different link to our personal timing. It works by helps us to “lively up ourselves” as Bob Marley had suggested. Dandelion essence partners us with being in the flow of time rather than trying to get ahead of it.

Gorse essence is for when we are colored by the negativity or hopelessness of our past experience. We feel we are stuck in a cycle which we are destined to repeat similar to an old record which continue to skip or a DVD which can’t progress no matter what we do.

Gorse essence is an essence for positive change. This essence restores hope in the future. It moves us beyond resignation. This quality of hope creates a new window for opportunity. Gorse essence creates a new partnership with time which allows for faith and optimism.

Indian Pink essence is for being overwhelmed with the present – too many details and not enough time. This essence is the essence for “spinning” which is that feeling of not being able to get a grip and getting caught up in all the things you need to do and are not doing. Indian Pink essence aids us in restoring our emotional center and renegotiating a new relationship with time.

Indian Pink essence repairs the energy body which can be torn or disturbed by too much emotional and psychic activity. We feel as if we are in a centrifuge with all of our forces being disturbed and distorted by too many demands. We feel our center is outside of our control. Indian Pink essence partners us with improved personal timing to manage and coordinate by remaining centered.

Sagebrush essence removes the conditioning form the past. This is an excellent mid-life crisis formula which moves us beyond our biography. We can become too attached to our personal history and become ingrained in how we interpret ourselves. Sagebrush essence is the remedy for rebirth.

Sagebrush essence helps us by moving us forward into our destiny. This essence frees us by freeing ourselves from what no longer works for us. We come face to face with our core self and core issue. We face our true self and transform in the process. Sagebrush essence partners with time to free us from our past patterns which continue old definitions.

We can work with time. We can be in our time. The more present we are the more time we have available to us. We can free ourselves to be ourselves by giving ourselves the gift of present time. Be in sync with your personal timing now.


Mary Ann

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