The Success of Failure

Penstemon essence is the essence for hardship and adversity

What is the worst thing that can happen? We didn’t get it right. We didn’t understand. We fell flat on our face. We thought we were stupid. We didn’t want to look bad. We didn’t want to look ignorant. We are so concerned about not doing it right or not getting it right we lose sight of the bigger picture.

Think about what you learned from doing it wrong. Think about how much you remember and adjust your perceptions by what you didn’t do or what you didn’t see. If you were right all the time (as many of us are) what would wrong look like? How do you make right from where you think you went wrong? How do we make peace and productivity from our mistakes?

Penstemon essence is the essence for hardship and adversity. This is the “why is this happening to me?” essence. Use this essence when you feel everything is stacked against you and you cannot gain any traction or forward movement.  This is the essence for unfairness or being single out for whatever reason. The tone for Penstemon essence is unfairness and undue burden.

Penstemon essence reminds us that personal adversity is a tempering process. This remedy helps us to transform from a victim mentality to a victor by surviving and learning from our circumstances. Penstemon essence gives us the strength to be the last one standing. Penstemon essence helps us to cultivate our peace and productivity by the ability to persevere and prevail.

Elm essence is for when you are overwhelmed and overloaded by all of the demands on your time and your attention. This is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” formula. You can’t possibly do one more thing… You feel you can’t keep up anymore and may even be an abject failure. You feel there is too much too soon and you can’t possibly do any more.

Elm essence reminds us to pace ourselves that we are not alone and that help is on the way. This is the “let go and let god essence”. We align with our higher self and feel the support for all of our abilities. We let go of the feeling of letting ourselves and others down. Elm essence lends us the core confidence to transcend our burdens into peace and productivity.

Oak essence is the “Eveready bunny battery “essence you keep going and going and going… Oak essence is for those who push it to the limits. We can’t stop and we are battle- worn and weary and have lost our effectiveness. And/Or we have been so attached to how we need things to be we become relentless in our vision.

Oak essence teaches us to prioritize our tasks and intentions. I personally took this essence when I needed to overcome procrastinating. I can be a little ADD and distracted. I took Oak initially for rising to the task at hand. My unexpected gift from this essence was the ease of doing all the things I needed to do. They became natural and simple and seemed to prioritize themselves. So, rather than obsess about all the things I had do  and the small amount of time I needed to do it, the Oak essence shifted my perception. I just did what I needed to do rather that agonize about how much I had to do… One way was cumbersome and overwhelming and the other was simply checking off items on the list. Oak essence made feel like having a coffee buzz without the coffee-purposeful and productive.  Oak essence shifts our perceived limitations and burdens of time into pathways for peace and productivity.

Buttercup essence is for the feeling that you just don’t fit or you just don’t count. . Buttercup essence is for judgment. You judge yourself according to what you are or are not. Your scale is distorted. You are the odd man or woman out and can’t relate to those around you. Try as you might you often feel like a stranger in a strange land.

Buttercup essence changes our manner of measurement. It teaches us to factor in our innate gifts and talents. We see ourselves with different eyes. Buttercup essence challenges us to view our specialness with care and consideration. Buttercup essence challenges us to overcome our limitations by radiating peace and productivity.

Larch essence is used for when you are more than capable but never feel up to the task. You always question how well you are doing and measure yourself to impossible standards. You are filled with self-doubt and lack confidence. You censor yourself because you are afraid of being seen and/or judged harshly. You are afraid of doing the wrong thing.

Larch essence gives us the confidence to try- again and again. Failure becomes a challenge rather than a black mark against your soul. Larch essence inspires you to be all you can be. It helps you with the realization that mistakes are part of any process for success. This essence reminds us that we will succeed in our own time and in our own way. Larch essence motivates our missteps into big steps for furthering our peace and productivity.

What is the worst thing that can happen? What is the best that can happen? What are you using to measure each circumstance? Your image? Your emotions? Your version of personal success? What is limiting you? What is making you succeed? How do you measure up your to your own estimation? Once you get over your fear of failure and use your missteps to create sure steps, you have much to gain. You gain yourself and you gain the world. Your next trip will give you wings to soar.


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