The Power of Words

Notice how people talk about things which they want and don’t want? Pay attention to how you or others speak of situations in your life. Are you drawing opportunities to you or pushing them away from you? Do you hear how you may focus on the negative result rather than the positive outcome? We take for granted what comes out of our mouths. Each word is a vibration which creates a field of expectation. We have far surpassed the luxury of ignorance so now our words have much weight.

Do you focus and speak about what you don’t “want”? OR do you focus on what you do “want “to create? I know there are those of you out there who are questioning my use of “want”. Yes, “want “does create want and therefore the lack. However, most of us equate “want” with the thing or things we desire. All “want “has much emotion attached whether positive or negative. When we “want” something, most of the time we are focusing on it from the point of view of not having it. So, how can you use your words to create more of what you desire? How does your word become your wand?

Madia is the essence to help you to focus and pull your thoughts together. Clarity is the key word. When your thoughts are flustered and jumbled, you cannot create or articulate what the intention is it is often used in many manifestation formulas. It helps us to pay attention and pull a direction. Our word and thoughts become more congruent. We can use our words to be precise and clearer about what we desire to create. Our words then become co-creators.

Madia essence helps us to use our time and space wisely. This is a great essence for that 2-3pm slump when we struggle with our next step. Madia helps to revive our focus whenever there is an energy or attention slump in our work. Madia is the productivity essence. We get focused and precision orientated.

Cosmos essence is for knowing what you “want” but getting it all jumbled inside so it doesn’t come out quite right. You become unclear because you cannot get to the exact intention which you wish to materialize. You talk around it and it doesn’t feel right. You keep getting close to what you want to create but not quite right. There is much frustration because you know what you don’t want but cannot properly articulate what you do want. So the results are not precise.

Cosmos essence works by assisting you in pulling the threads of creative copiousness together. You become clear and specific. You can now make the inaccessible of some thoughts, emotions and concepts accessible. It now can make sense because you can make sense of it.


Mimulus essence is traditionally used for known fears such as fear of flying or public speaking or fear of spiders. When used with the concept of speaking and making your intentions known, it helps by helping you to face your own timidity. When you feel that you are stumbling with your words because you don’t know how they will come out or you will look or sound stupid use Mimulus. This is a great essence for students who are afraid the teacher will call on them and they will stammer with the wrong answer.

Mimulis essence aids by being the courage injection to state what you want or desire and what is important to you. It helps you to create by clear direct expression. You will feel the difference is n how you express your words. Fear no longer dictates what you say and how you should say it. You get your direction from you sense of well being and confidence.


Heather essence is the essence which reminds me of the old James Brown song “talking loud and saying nothing!” Heather essence is used when you feel compelled o talk and share your thoughts to feel up the air space. You don’t really care what you are talking about as long as the attention is on your and there is no silence. Heather essence helps you to be more mindful of how you are speaking and what you are speaking about.

Heather essence works by guiding to an inner peace in an inner place where words have value and the way you choose to express them have weight rather than mindless fluff… Heather essence provides emotional self sufficiency. You no longer feel the compulsion to use words to fill up the lonely places. Your words have value, direction and substance. Your words now create the desired effect.


Vervain essence is for the enthusiastic among us. We cannot wait to get the word out.  We want everyone to know what we know.  Vervain essence is for the intense. Intense words. Intense thought. Intense actions. It helps to calm us down. We can get so wound up in what we have to say and what we want and how we want to say it. We use our works to direct persuade. We want what we want. Our words are like volcanoes just gushing and bubbling to the surface. Any one around us wants to run away to escape our enthusiasm.

Vervain essence helps us to temper the gushing. We become more focused on what to say and how to say so others will listen without feeling pressure to respond. This essence calms the system down so words can become more accessible It helps you to use words to inspire and excite rather than be singed by the intensity.

Words and wanting.    We use our words to create. We use our words to articulate. The clearer we are the more we can continue to create exactly what we desire. Watch your words and watch how you can continue to create more efficiently an effectively by just paying attention. You hold the magic wand….your word!



Mary Ann

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