The Healing Process

The healing process- what do you think of when you think of healing or being healed? Do you think or someone putting their hands on you and you are forever transformed? Do you think of healing as a journey which you never quite reach? Do you think or feel that you need to have someone outside of yourself to effect the necessary changes? Do you even know what needs to change in order for you to be healed?

Healing can be tricky and elusive. You never know when you are there. I like to think that healing is a state of mind and every step gets you closer to yourself and where you are going. The key to healing is how honest are you with yourself? Do you even know what you don’t know? Do you even know what question to ask or which path to take? How can you trust yourself when you are part of the problem?

Self Heal Essence works to activate your innate healing ability. You don’t need to know what you need to know in order for it to work. You can use it as an individual essence or to augment any other essences which will serve to multiply its healing effects. Self Heal essence works on the etheric and emotional bodies. It repairs the energetic sheaths to restore the integrity of the energy fields.

Self Heal essence also works to restore faith in the healing process. It alleviates the doubt or sifts your awareness from negativity and doubt to confidence and restores hope. This remedy helps you remember How to motivate and take responsibility for your healing process.  It helps you to break through dependence on therapies which and reminds you of how to take the first step and move beyond emotional and physical stagnation. Self heal essence heals by showing us how to receive the first step.

Arnica essence is an obvious choice for healing.  In traditional medicine as well as homeopathic medicine it is used for trauma, abrupt injuries, accidents and surgery. It is basically used when there is a body breach or something invasive has happened. Arnica essence softens and heals our tendency to armor ourselves and brace against outside influences. Arnica helps the body to heal by relaxing and releasing trauma and drama from our energy.

Arnica essence helps us to reconnect and restore wholeness and energetic integrity.  When an event becomes trapped in our cellular memory, the physical would may heal but we may find ourselves emotionally limping or overcompensating or under compensating in order to feel whole. It is similar to when a person may lose a limb. The limb is gone but they still have a myriad of sensations to experience and process through. Arnica essence helps to relieve and release trapped memories in the flesh. We feel a healing and breathe an audible sigh of relief when we take Arnica as our body remembers to feel whole.

Mountain Pennyroyal essence works by clearing our thoughts. Our thoughts can be the most toxic as they initiate and activate a cascade of chemical events to further create and magnetize more harmful and poisonous thoughts. Have you ever had the experience of feeling your thoughts come in almost as if they were entities? You were feeling fine and then something triggers you and your thoughts bombard you with the most negative and vile things you could possibly think of?

Mountain Pennyroyal essence restores mental integrity. This essence clears the mental body and creates an energetic barrier from ambient thoughts. It is a mental cleanser and allows you to be more discerning about what thoughts belong to you and what thoughts may have hijacked into your energy field. You feel a new clarity and appreciation of how your thoughts are inspiring you rather than inspiring fear. Mountain Pennyroyal essences heals by healing your thoughts and your reactions to your thoughts.

Wild Rose essence works by enhancing the will to live. Many times after a long illness or prolonged disability we can lose that spark that makes us want to keep going-that spark that keeps us wanting to see what is going to happen next. This is the “joy for life” formula. All things become possible when we remember how precious all aspects of our lives are. Wild Rose essence antidotes the apathy.

Wild Rose essence is the resignation formula. You no longer feel the desire to change things because you have decided either they are too much trouble or beyond your control. So, you live a half life not even longing for something better. The Wild Rose lifts the stagnation and revives the spirit. You now feel that you count and your look around and begin to participate again. I like to call. This is the “Rip Van Winkle” formula…it wakes you out of a deep state of stupor. Wild Rose essence heals by enhancing your ability to embrace life again. You are alive.

Healing is inner work and outer work. When the outer wounds are healed we don’t always remember how they can affect us on the deepest of levels. Whenever you feel stuck, or absent or not living your life fully look within. What needs to be addressed? What needs to be remembered? What needs to be corrected? Ask these questions. The answers will come with clarity and insight. Trust your body and trust yourself.

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