Taking Flight


Taking flight feels like those flying dreams. We start running toward something faster and faster. Sometimes we may trip or stumble. We start again running, getting some elevation and feel our feel living off the ground.

What do you want to take flight? What have you down about it? We expend much time and energy in preparation for the absolute right time and right situation. Does that make the timing right? Our right timing can often be an artificial construct. We need to have “Goldilocks” timing…everything has to be just right.

I don’t know why this concept of “taking flight”  keeps coming up. It may be something for me to look at as all things recurring in differing scenarios are usually most applicable.

I see this over and over. We feel we have to do this in order to really do that. Sometimes we do, as in the case of wanting to go to school. We may need to save extra money and make advance preparations to pay for our books, supplies and extra housing costs.

Other times it may be how we think we need to appear in order to et what we want. We may think we need that expensive Theory suit so we can broadcast how successful we are for our interview.

Maybe we just need to look clean, presentable and put together without all the designer stuff.

Sometimes “going for it” is the best option. Ready or not here we come…For the most part we are our own worst judge.We my not be perfect but we are perfect for the position or prospect. We are always in a learning curve if we are really paying attention.

Lets start running and get some elevation.

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