two paths
Synchronicity is a reminder that you are on track with the universe. Reflect on all the times when you really wanted something and the more effort you exerted the more the end goal became more and more unavailable. The harder you tried the more you got fried with your effort.

This  is not to say that there is no value in making an effort. However, some times the journey is the value of the process. Not all goals lead to the end goal. On the other hand , when there is a certain alignment, the path can seam effortless.

I hear this time and again.  A client who shall remain nameless goes to law school to fulfill the the wishes and desires of her parents. She struggles a bit but is a smart cookie so she completes school and passes the Bar (no small task) but really in her hearts of hearts wants to bake professionally. Everyone loves her cupcakes and she makes the most amazing chocolate peanut butter creation.

She pursues her profession in laws but feels she isn’t getting where she is supposed to be. She starts baking for friends and entering contests on the side. People love her cupcakes and she enters one of these baking show contests. She wins and she feels right where she is supposed to be. Her process and progress feel more right than anything has in her life. There is still effort but there is an indescribable ease.

Are you doing something to accomplish what your end result is? Is it taking you closer to your goals or farther away. Do you feel in alignment with your goals or out of alignment?

What door do you need to walk through? The door is the opening not the destination.

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