graphic man trippingWe like challenges and we like the feeling of overcoming obstacles. It can make us feel like we are “winning”.We feel one step closer to getting ahead wherever that may be at the time. As we coast on the confidence and expectation that everything will turn out all right, something interferes. It could be an unexpected outlay of cash, an unexpected demand from a blood relation or long time friend or it could be losing the keys when in a hurry behind the piano.

In each case we no longer feel in charge of our destiny and/or our “flow” is interrupted. When our “flow” gets a speed bump, we are in danger of losing our momentum. This is where much frustration gets born and projects and desires get buried.

How do we recognize these “speedbumps” may actually be messages? I’m someone who tends to have my hair on fire while gathering keys, purse, work bag, yoga clothes and of course coffee. Then, all of sudden I dropped my keys and can’t find them even resorting to looking in the bathrooms and refrigerator. I find my keys (in my purse) and scurry out the door just missing a 3 car crash at the bottom of the street. Hmmmmm.

Elm essence is our overhelm remedy. We can get so consumed by the demands on our time and energy we struggle to keep up. Elm essence reminds us that maybe we don’t need to.. This remedy teaches the value of only doing what we can do and discarding the rest. Elm essence shifts us froma  reacting mode  to responding with the appropriate amount of energy. Most of it teaches us how to best utilize our energetic fuel. Listen to and honor the “speed bumps”.

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