sacred+loveviThe root of the word “sacrifice” means to offer and to make something sacred. We tend to  experience sacrifice as the loss of something dear or something we do as a last resort similar to the “Hail Mary” in football or bunting to first base in  baseball. I feel the first definition is the more true definition of creating value and blessing. How many acts or things do we even know how to make sacred?

We get stuck in the process of what we gain from the exchange. Maybe we default to that ancestral memory of sacrificing our prize goat, cow or son in exchange for  blessings from the divine. Maybe when we think of “making sacred” we somehow believe the price tag will be too high and do we have that much faith?

Perhaps the more we make sacred, the more we will experience sacredness in our lives. What can we offer up to ourselves and others? What can we hold dear and turn over for the greater good?

What do we need to set free? Sting sang once upon a time about “if you love someone set them free?” Does that mean turn away from what you love ? I don’t think so.. For me it means loving someone and making that love sacred enough to not confine them to how you want that love to look or need that love to be.

Is what you want and create “sacred” enough for you? Are you giving it the value and respect that it desires? What would it look and feel like if you added the element of sacredness? How much more rich and meaningful would all your relationships be?

So, maybe the “sacrifice” made may alter your preconceived notions. Imagine, love and make sacred. It will be worth it.



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