As children we learn how to reach out for what we want. We see something we want and go for it without hesitation. We may have received a stern warning or a small wrap on our knuckles but we followed our first instincts to go for what we wanted.

Now , we may have to relearn how to go for what we want. We may be consumed with our obstacles or other peoples voices in our heads about what we can or can not do…We expend much time, energy and effort negotiating how to get what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want.

Lets embrace our ability to reach. “Take the leap and the safety net will appear!” We are looking for the safety net.

Blackberry essence teaches us how to go for it. This remedy disentangles us from our real and perceived impediments. Blackberry essence gives us the
mojo” to take a breath and take a step. When you reach the universe will reach back.

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