Each of us has the capacity to let our personal sun shine through. We can feel it is there through a look, smile or attitude and then we may feel compelled to hide it or shut it down. We don’t want to be too bold, beautiful, talented, gifted  or appear that we are greatest ever (some of us do and that is for another time…).

We may  struggle with our radiance. We are good with shiny hair or skin but to let our character and personality shine forth takes owning who we are. Personal radiance is really about allowing ourselves to be in full expression…to be our authentic selves.

A natural  alignment with abilities and opportunities become more available when we step into our personal power. 

Sunflower essence enhances our lustre. This remedy teaches us that it is safe to shine and be true to ourselves. Sunflower essence is an innocent and warm essence. I am reminded  of when my daughter was three years old and loving who she was. She spun around the room as only small children do and exclaimed: “I just love myself!” So beat on your chest, spin around the room, look in the mirror and give yourself a rousing welcome!”Let your sun shine through.

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