TC-purpose-in-life1We all need purpose. We may think our purpose is a job or a career or we may feel it is a calling.We hear or read  about “the calling” as cited by priests, nuns,  doctors and artists.  We didn’t get the summons and scratch our heads. Inquiring minds  want to know. We want to be in  that place where we know exactly why we are here and what we are supposed to know, but we may not be listening.

We may believe it is somewhere out there. We search. We wander most of the time as we waste our time.We make do with what we believe are our steps to our path, hopefully we will reach some type of enlightenment. We stumble and we get frustrated. We “need” to know what were are here!

We know what it feels like to not have purpose. Many have devoted their lies and lives to finding meaning. We have amazing and massive libraries and now electronic content devoted to finding meaning.

Perhaps purpose has more to do with commitment. The more we participate, the more we get in alignment with whatever our path holds for us. We take steps forward following an inner imperative as opposed to impish voices in our heads which spit “could, would and should”.

Reflect on how many times  you “knew”. It felt unshakeable in the face of whatever obstacle brought you to your knees and was shouting in your face. We “knew” we had to go to Art School. We “knew ” we had to move to the opposite of the world. We “knew ” we had to apply for that jobs when we didn’t have the requirements. We”know” that soul was  our most special love. This is how we get to the knowing.

We listen. We act. We commit. We participate.

Purpose comes from being in the moment. Purpose comes from being present. I get glimpses of purpose when I am so absorbed in my writing or art that I feel timebends. Bend time.

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