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Fifth Element Aura Sprays


Fifth Element Aura Sprays are made from pure flower essences that help you to “flow” and become your best self. They challenge you to “pop” from a tight bud filled with potential to a blossom in full bloom. Flower essence remedies assist with all imbalances due to anger, fear, doubt, indifference, uncertainty, loneliness, despair and over care for others.

What Can Aura Sprays do for You?
– Clear the way for creativity, purpose and prosperity
– Create direct communication between mental, spiritual, physical and psychological energy systems of the body.
– Repair torn and/or damaged energy fields which influence the physical and emotional bodies.
– Balance, evoke and enhance emotional and physical states.
– Eliminate historical and ancestral patterns.
– Harmonize states of consciousness.
– Facilitate a deeper personal awareness.
– Trap quantum energies and make them accessible and available to you.

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