Predictions 2012

We are here. This is the year which has been etched in my consciousness since I was a 10 year old girl intrigued with a Cost Plus $.99 cent  multi-colored brass Mayan calendar with turning cycles which could be adjusted to calculate all the dates until 2012. I calculated what my age would be and pondered how you could even predict the end of a calendar let alone what it would be like if there were no dates left? So here we are in a very different world with all of its extraordinary promise, magic, challenge and possibility. We are more than we ever imagined possible. We have become more aware of our participation in our thoughts, our ability to manifest and how we co-create.

Many of us have been feeling a sense of urgency and more of a sense of prompting as our military inspires for us to “be all we can be!” This time more than in any other time is our opportunity to be all we can be. This is our call to action. Not to be what we thing or how we think we should be, but to go within and explore and embrace the divine emanation of God that lives in us.

These and many more are flowers which want to serve and share their voices through the cycle of this amazing and awe inspiring year. It was clear that love, focus and intention were the recurrent themes for this year.

January 2012 Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy essence is the integration essence. It creates a new foundation to include the integration of all modalities and new foundation to promote substance and positive evolution. It addresses a freedom from fear or more importantly and perhaps more realistically “feel the fear and do it anyway!” Shasta Daisy essence teaches us to balance our feelings with our intellect with the credo that each serves a valuable function. One is not better than the other.

Shasta Daisy essence is the big picture essence. It helps us by enhancing our viewpoint to include all the contributing factors. We think we see because we are seeing through our point of view. Shasta Daisy essence elevates your point of view. It is akin to looking at our issues from a microscope to a telescope. Depending on where we are the entire landscape changes. This essence allows you to re-pattern and re-interpret your emotional landscape.

February 2012 Cosmos

Cosmos essence is essential for interpreting all the downloads which are coming through. Many are receiving vast quantities of information through our connections with prayer, insight and meditation. Cosmos essence allows us to articulate what we are seeing and feeling. It helps us to makes sense of our senses.

Cosmos essence changes our focus from overwhelm and chaos to getting the big picture. Some things we don’t even know what we don’t know yet. Cosmos essence maneuvers us through deciphering and managing all our information. We find that we now have the right words, the right timing and/or the right clarity.

March 2012 Chestnut Bud

Chestnut Bud essence is for learning life’s lessons or continually repeating the same mistakes. You find yourself being frustrated with job, the lover, the difficult personality. We know we have a problem but keep responding in the same way and hope for different outcomes. Chestnut Bud essence interrupts the pattern.

Chestnut Bud essence makes us take stock of what we have created, what changes we choose to make and what new outcomes we wish to manifest. The strength and freedom come from breaking the cycle. We change our karma by changing our patterns and the way we participate in our lives and our decisions. Chestnut Bud essence reminds us to no longer be limited by our past and break free.

April 2012 Zinnia

Zinnia essence reminds us to play and find out joy. Joy and play are often removed from the equation of success and the ability to commit. However, so much more creativity and possibility becomes available by allowing yourself to play. You can play yourself. You can play other people. You can play just to feel a pure expression of joy.

Zinnia essence brings out the essential ability to suspend the format of the intellect and allow for free flowing freshness. Zinnia essence acts as a breath of fresh air for generalized boredom. We take Zinnia essence to remind us that God and spirit have a sense of humor and much is accomplished by the value of light and play.

May 2012 Mariposa Lily

Mariposa Lily essence is the mothering essence. You may not get the mother you want but you get the mother you need. This essence reminds us to be the change we seek. Mariposa Lily helps us by making an internal correction for giving and receiving. We receive first from our mothers and when there is a distortion it can distort our ability to receive our magnificence

Mariposa lily essence allows us to receive as us being us. This essence gives us the mothering we need whether form ourselves or others. There is nothing extraordinary or radical which we have do in order to receive the love and admiration. All we have to do is be.

June 2012 Hornbeam

Hornbeam essence is for feeling tired of it. You may not even know what you feel tired of it. You may feel an overwhelming sense of fatigue-not the fatigue of can’t get out of the bed but another day or another dollar and everything is the same sense of fatigue.

Hornbeam essence helps you to perceive in a new way. It helps you to look at or experience what you do on a daily basis in a new way. It doesn’t necessarily change but you change in response to it. Hornbeam essence helps you by realizing your potential in every circumstance.

July 2012 Dogwood

Dogwood essence is for being awkward –awkward in your body and awkward in your mind. You just don’t feel in the flow of things. Everything seems to take extra effort and you don’t feel up to the task. It is as if your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Dogwood essence is for dealing with either harsh physical or emotional circumstance which inhibits your ability to trust your instincts.

Dogwood essence allows you to trust your abilities and your timing. It teaches you how to expand from the inside out and move beyond any perceived personal limitations. Dogwood essence is a dance with your personal flow. You lose the limitations and dance with the divinity within.

August 2012 Splendid Mariposa Lily

Splendid Mariposa Lily essence is the mother essence of all mothers. This essence is often called the “Mother Teresa” essence. It is traditionally used for unconditional and planetary love. It is a remedy for our soul abandonment. We can easily not remember how connected we are as we are bombarded with all of the images and feelings of the current disconnect in our culture.

Splendid Mariposa Lily essence reminds us in a loving gentle way how connected we all are. This essence activates the greater good in us. We feel more alive and connected but don’t know how. We know we have a deep sense of peace and reverence. Splendid Mariposa Lily essence helps us to re-align with the higher and more connected versions of us.

September 2012 Pine

Pine essence is traditionally used for guilt and shame. You feel responsible for all the woes of the world. You take unnecessary responsible for all that has happened to you and anyone else you surround yourself with. If someone is sad, you feel you either did something to contribute to their sadness or feel it is your responsibility to change it. It can be exhausting when you feel everything is your fault and guilty about it on top of that.

Pine essence instructs you to balance out what is your responsibility and what is theirs. You are not the depository of all the woes of the world. Pine essence frees you to be you so called wars and all. You learn the ability to forgive yourself so you can learn to receive your own blessings and realize your true worth as the current movie The Help reminds us “You are kind. You are important. You are smart.”

October 2012 California Valerian

California Valerian essence addresses anxiety about the future. This essence can help with budding anxiety and unease. California Valerian essence helps us by transforming our inner balance. We can be so focused on what we have to do and how we have to do it and the fear of how can we do it, that we get fearful of how we are going to keep up.

California Valerian essence returns us to inner peace. We get another powerful view of how we perceive the events in our lives and how to make an informed understanding of our life’s experiences. We find the peace within and a useful tool for ambient fear and anxiety.

November 2012 Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan essence is for avoiding painful parts of your reality. You know they exist at some level but put on the pretense that everything is OK. This avoidance or repression can creep up in insidious ways and you may find yourself responding to past events in unexpected and negative ways. Black-Eyed Susan essence is the amnesia remedy. It helps you to remember what motivates you either positive or negative. It helps you to be whole and embrace all the parts of yourself.

Black-Eyed Susan essence gives you the penetrating insight you need to move forward in your life. This essence restores your natural life and radiance and hope for your future. It helps you to transform yourself out of your own shadows.

December 2012 Mallow

Mallow essence helps you to move beyond your barriers. You may feel socially insecure and not rust what life has to offer you. You may limit your contact with others because you don’t feel up to the task of reaching out to others.

Mallow essence trains you to reach out be part of something greater. This is the social remedy which gives you the strength and confidence to fully participate as you. You love the feeling of sharing the brilliance of you as you with an open and warm heart. Mallow essence allows you to receive and to reach out to others. You feel your value sky rocket from the beauty of sharing.

This is our time to be present, to fully participate, to be authentic, to be brave and to have fun. Allow your intention to be you being you. The change and dynamic action of being present dedicated and imbued with love and purpose moves mountains. One authentic and committed person fully present can create a million miracles. Show up be the change and witness the miracle of you. Embrace your magnificence.


Mary Ann



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