Playing with Time

Everyone says “timing is everything”. We position ourselves and position our lives for our future. We educate ourselves for the right career. We save our money for the house we want and the security we crave. At the same time we have difficulty moving on from the past. How many people you know are defined by who they were or what they experienced in high school? How do we get in sync with our time and make it work for us?

What does time mean to you? Do you have enough? Do you have too much? Does it elude you? Do you feel a sense of urgency? Do you feel you out of sync? Do you live in the past? Do you live in the future? Are you waiting for something to magically change so you can have a future life free of all the bothersome obstacles that you are working with right now? How do we be present enough to position ourselves to be in the right place at the right time?

Honeysuckle essence is the “stuck in the past “formula. You feel life used to be so much better when you were with that person or you had that job or you attended that school. You are always looking in the rear view mirror. You see gray skies ahead so you revert back to a sunnier, happier or better time. You don’t want to be present in your present.

Honeysuckle essence is the “if only” remedy. If only I was still there. If only I was still with him. If only I still had that job, house, etc. Honeysuckle essence moves you into being present with your present. Some say it makes them feel like they are coming out of a dream and ready for the world. This remedy helps you to fully engage in whom you are and what you are doing and what the world holds promise for you. Honeysuckle essence helps you by making now the right time.

California Poppy essence is for bargaining or living for the future. This is the golden carrot formula.” If I mediate for forty days and fast for forty nights I will become enlightened and all my goals will be achieved and I will be god like.” Your enlightenment and goals are ever elusive. You are always working with what you are not to get what you want. There is always more for you to do until you get there. And you never quite get there…

California Poppy essence is the glamour  and “all that glitters is gold” formula. This essence helps when you are attracted to all the spiritual fads and latest gurus. It helps you to get a clue as to what is real and how you can really get to where you want to go. It balances your energy so you are less attracted to those quick fixes to enlightenment. California Poppy essence gets you in the right place you “to be in the now to be in the know.”

Aloe Vera essence is the burn out formula. They call it the “burning the candle at both ends “remedy. You go and go and go until you can’t go any more. The difficulty is that with all the energy expenditure you still don’t get any closer to your goals. This is like a rabid Eveready bunny battery. You have the energy and drive but you don’t have the results so you put in more energy and drive thinking it is a time problem as opposed to an energy problem.

Aloe Vera essence helps you with flowing into your drive. Your derive flows and you use your energy in a much more fluid way. You realize that not everything is a 200% effort. Some jobs are 10%. Some jobs are 75% and some jobs are 100%. Aloe Vera essence is the “workaholic” formula. It helps by balancing the creative forces and also helps you to remember what you are working for. Aloe Vera helps make you right with your time.

Tansy essence is when you feel you have all the time in the world. You feel the world will wait for you or you will get to it when ___________happens. Guess what it never gets done and you feel more stuck buy the burden of not doing. Then it makes it even harder to get moving because your “get up and go, got up and left”. Worst of all you can’t figure out how that happened so you expend even more energy trying to figure it out in your mind so you can move forward.

Tansy essence is not so much about “get up and go? But more about taping into purpose and filling meaningful goals. It brings back or adds a sense of accomplishment and the pleasure that comes from doing what you said you were going to do; it moves your energy in a positive direction. Tansy helps you to have a partnership with time.

Gorse essence is the “emo” essence. You don’t want to participate in the future because any effort is not worth it and nothing will change. You can easily feel discouraged by situations form the past and feel that it is not worth investing in the future. So you hang out in the in between space not fully engaged in anything.

Gorse essence helps by shining the light back in. it helps by giving you energy inject of “worth it’. “”Worth it” to go to school. “Worth it” to have a job. “Worth it” to want to change. Gorse essence brings back the optimism to any future projections. Gorse essence helps by making it “worth it’ to invest in time.

Playing with time allows you to be in the right place at the right time. Timing is everything when you realize all you have is time. Time is fluid and malleable. Change your relationship to time and you change your relationship to all things. Give your self time; it is within your power. Become a partner with your time and timing and experience the magic.


Mary Ann


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