Perception and Detours

Perception is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes us so clear. We can see the tiniest gesture. We can hear the slightest crack in the voice. We can see the smallest shift in body posture. We can see the meaning behind the words and the words behind the words. We can see all this and we respond accordingly. How much time and energy is spent looking and obsessing about that little spot on your shirt or little blemish on your nose. The outside world sees a speck of dust or red dot on your skin and you see filth and boulders.

How much time and energy to you expend with all the stuff that goes on inside your head? How does our perception get so distorted? Do You find yourself agonizing over a word or a misdeed and can’t get out of the house due to some embarrassing situation that no one can remember? ? Do you consume yourself with what you didn’t do or didn’t say? Where does your reality take a detour?

Crab Apple essence is the remedy for making a mountain out of a mole hill. You see that speck of dirt. You see that piece of lint. You see that scratch on the car. You see that streak on the mirror. It drives you crazy. You work harder and to correct the problem but then the problem has a way of getting bigger and bigger. You may begin with the tiniest scratch on the car rubbing it until all the paint is dull and exposed creating a much bigger mess which ultimately needs a new paint job or more extensive repair. You can’t leave well enough alone. You keep picking and picking until you feel that sense of “perfect” lock in and it never does…

Crab Apple essence helps us rise above our trivial pursuits. It reminds us that loving ourselves is our ultimate cure. It puts our concerns in perspective and helps us to gain more control over how we perceive and what is the most important for our personal growth as opposed to how we should look or what we should have. Crab Apple essence helps us by recognizing where the detour starts and puts us back on the path.

White Chestnut essence is for the “monkey mind”. You cannot control the “chatter’ no matter what you do. This is the remedy for mentally obsessing about things. You have all heard of how when you don’t want your brain to think about something that something is all your brain CAN think about. I say “don’t think about the elephant in the room!” All you can think about is that elephant in the room. Then on top of fighting what we don’t want to happen, that is all we can think about and rail against ourselves for not having more control over ourselves.

White Chestnut essence helps us by dealing with the sense of helplessness. We no longer feel so out of control .Rather than focusing on all the things we should have done, or said or tried, we create a stillness which allows us to go inward. We feel a stronger and deeper sense of what is right for us not how we think we should be. We gain the confidence of our own perceptions. White Chestnut essence prevents us from detouring into obsession and perfection.

Wild Rose essence is when we just can’t get the feeling of connecting with life we can see it. We can see what we are missing. We can see that zest and life force in others but cannot seem to rally up and more importantly don’t seem to care to. We know something is missing and we can’t quite put our finger on how we got off course.

Wild Rose essence reconnects us with our life force. It makes us remember the value of our vitality. It rallies our spirit and gets us more fully integrated into our bodies. We remember what it feels like to feel good and feel we have a direction. We have a place to be and a place to go. Wild Rose essence stops us from detouring into an emotional never ever land. ..Never ever happy-never ever sad-just nothing.

Larch essence is when we never think we are good enough, smart enough, thin enough or talented enough. Everyone around us sings our praises but it never sinks in. It as if our ears or eyes don’t register any gifts or talents which we may hold. All we can see is what we are not, what we didn’t do or how we don’t do it as good as ___________.We never get there.

Larch essence takes the ceiling of our perception of ourselves. It is as if we finally look in the mirror and take account of our talents. We begin to recognize ourselves by what special gifts we have to offer and who we are. We feel a liquid confidence fuel our energy field. We take ownership of whom and what we are. Larch essence reroutes our detour into grounded confidence.

Why do we continue to get of course is the question? Why do we detour over the slightest shift in perception? Why do we consume ourselves with our imitations of what we and what we are not? Why not take this time to make that detour work to our advantage? Maybe we can see the detour coming and make another choice. Make the choice to surpass your expectations. Make the choice from “I couldn’t possibly” to “why can’t I?” or “it’s my turn!” It is time to detour to confidence, love and learning.


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