Paths to Peace

Peace is an active process. Peace is choosing in the moment how you want to be and how you want to feel. Peace is defined as the absence of war or operating harmoniously without violent conflict.

How about if we begin to define peace on a personal level? Peace to be. Peace to breathe. Peace to accept.

Peace through the chakras

Connection to your tribe red vibrant rejuvenating release fear

Releasing the victim

Embracing the mother

Grounding means all basic life support systems are maintained. Bills paid. Nourished .shelter food money and clothing

When we lose our grounding we struggle. Controls your immune system and your sense of belonging.

What do you belong to? How do you embrace all aspects of yourself?

Sacral or sexual energy orange taking responsibility for yourself…martyr energy stuck or enmeshed in the lives of others

Are you often doing the right thing?

Empress connects with what she loves to do with enthusiasm. The joy of feeling good about yourself. Knowing when enough is enough.

Life is on your side and abundance is your birthright. Love you as you.

Solar plexus the servant or the warrior

Power struggles who is winning. Who needs to be shielded? Equal exchange of emotional energy. Using our power and accepting our value. Confidence and value chakra.

Servant does not honor basic worth. Lives to be needed. Always seeking approval.

Warrior being your best…being all you can be. Trusting your instincts. Using body intelligence .discernment. Taking responsibility for your participation. Give power to help or heal.


Heart  actress/lover spy in the house of love

Playing at love? Shut down to love. Mental exercise of function of the heart. Pull out the barbs. Strong enough to be soft. Sabotage relationships or hold hostage. Can you love yourself as you are or love someone else as they are?

Be the tenders loving person you can imagine to be. Expand the love to yourself, the room, the building the city the planet.

As we choose love we choose life. Fill your being with love and joy. Love has no limits. Forgive and release the past. Acknowledging our rightness.


Throat silent child or communicator. Holding back not executing. Self-expression, creativity and will power. Words are our wand for change and growth. Expressing truth and integrity. Channels mental energy to our minds and hearts to give us a voice for our feeling thoughts an experiences.

Choosing to remain closed suppressing your essence. Speaking up for our self. Teeth grinding holding back . Not saying g what you mean or meaning what you say. I want —————I need—————

Communicator speaks its mind and heart with truth and integrity. Increase the will power.

Our words ring true.

3rd eye or brow chakra intellectual or intuitive

Psychic and creative gifts our source of inspiration.

Thinking too much. Limiting your sense.

Imagine a flower emotional

Imagine a tree spiritual strength

Imagine an animal physical vitality

Deep trust and synchronicity. Peace and serenity come with acceptance

Crown beauty spirituality divine source

Ego narcissist connected by false gods or illusions of what is real. Ego identifications

Guru one with source blessed by the divine. Feel guided by the light. Becoming clear as to the oneness of all…Surrender the lost and fragmented part of ourselves and love adore and cherish ourselves we become whole. Al living child of god or spirit.

Flooding with golden light. Light bath or healing and serenity

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