One Moment Everything is Plugging Along.


Monumental events such as fires, hurricanes, tornados, floods or pick your disaster, are the great equalizer. You are affected but you know it is not personal. It hits you in a personal way through such deep loss and fear. It shakes you to your very core. You are forced to choose. What should you take? What should you leave? What is really important? You never know how you are going to react. Do you go on auto pilot? Do you stop in your tracks? Do you get confused and don’t know what to do?


One moment you are plugging along, business as usual, going to jobs, fighting traffic, ferrying the kids here, there and everywhere, planning meals … being in the groove of the day. Then, you see the smoke, you feel the heat.  You scan the news, you don’t now if you are going to be directly affected or not. You start to feel the concern. Do you have a plan? What is going to happen? What are you supposed to do?


Angels’ Trumpet Essence helps when you are trying to find the meaning in what is happening. The events literally boggle the mind. Angel’s trumpet essence signature is that of surrender in the face of something which is so much larger than life. This is one of the war and disaster time remedies. .


Angel’s Trumpet essence is for transitioning… It is generally used for “threshold” events. Or events which are so out of the ordinary you don’t even have the programming for it. It helps us to find peace in surrender making peace with the knowing of what we don’t know. We can use this with hospice work as well as a dramatic transitioning from one lifestyle to the next.

Red Clover essence is for the feeling of hysteria and feeling out of control. Its particular slant is on how you participate in mass hysteria. Do you get consumed by what is blasting and blaring through the media? Do you respond to all the “breaking news”? Do you powerless? This remedy restores your natural leadership.


Red Clover essence is an effective emotional cleanser. It helps to clear the effects of the media images and mass negativity. This remedy helps you to realign with the wisdom of the self rather than the tidal wave of the group. You feel your sense of self cleansed and restored.


Fireweed essence is the” fire” remedy. It is for being tested in the most intense manner. This remedy can help you to rise from your ashes. It burns away the excessive emotions and attachments. You feel the authentic you discovered or returning. Fireweed essence is regenerative and restorative.


Fireweed essence works well for any healing crisis .It helps you to rebuild by getting in touch with the essence of you. Fireweed essence is for deep damage to the body, the earth and the psyche. You are able begin again with renewed energy and purified qualities. You are cleansed, purified and transformed through your experience.


Love-lies-bleeding essence is for the extremes of pain and emotion. It is used when you are pushed beyond your limits. You feel the circumstances are so beyond anything you can possibly envision that your pain and distress makes no sense. You don’t have a slot for it. You feel it is beyond your ability to cope. You are transformed by the pain of the experience.


Love-lies-bleeding essence gives meaning to your experience. You may not know why it has happened but there is a knowing of the contract. You find peace in shifting your awareness of one of personalized drama to the transformation of how these experiences can serve us and others. You feel how your suffering can change and inspire.


Arnica essence is used for shock and trauma. I like this essence for abrupt changes. Arnica essence is when you get shifted out of your daily awareness .You feel your spirit get torn away from your body. Arnica essence helps to reunite your bodies together. It soothes and eases.


Arnica essence is a great emotional recovery remedy. It can be used for short term shock or old deep seated shock which becomes trapped in the body. Arnica essence liberates. You feel more conscious and more in tune with how you choose to participate. Arnica essence restores vitality and zest for life.


Last but not least, remember to take your Rescue Remedy. This is a time honored Bach formula which excels at neutralizing shock and trauma and events beyond your control. It helps to center you in the midst of drama and chaos. You feel its effects immediately.


The fires have past but the effects have not. Many of us still cannot believe this has happened. We feel nature as a force and the after effects of disaster. It reminds you to know what is really important you and me and everyone we know. Take a moment to count your blessings and extend the love, compassion and transformation to all. Give the hug. Give the kiss. Take the extra minute. Greet your neighbor. Slow down on the middle finger reflex. Pay attention and be mindful of ALL who have suffered in any way.




Mary Ann



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