Make Overs

We love make over shows. We love seeing the before and the after. When we are in the “before” stage we don’t know it. We know we may have slipped into a rut. We may too busy to take that extra step in self care. We may forget to put our lipstick or blush, or iron our shirt  and/or may not even be caring about it at the time ( this is why I often have a pony tail). We just want to get out the door and do the things we need to do.

When we stop and take a breath or take a look, we then get a little bored and don’t want to make the extra effort unless there is some special event or some special person. The prevailing feeling is one of boredom.

Maybe we might treat ourselves the way we treat people or pets we adore. Think about a small child or a precious pet that immediately brings a smile to your face. We feel a warmth in our heart and tap into the feeling of unconditional love. It feels natural to feel that way and it lingers…

Lets transfer that loving care to how we view ourselves. We all could benefit from improvements and we can all benefit from acceptance. It’s not pleasant to be in a constant state of “remodeling”. There is always something to do and there will always be upgrades just like your smart phone. But, the integrity of the foundation is already there.

There will always be something to do. Our “after” is the adjustment we make. Our “after” can  allow us a deeper appreciation of where we were at “before”. Our “after” infuses us with participation. We snap out our personal version of Ground Hog day.

How about if we pay more attention while we are in the “before”? As we are more present right now, we live more fully in the “after”. Be the change.

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