Love has different meanings for different people.   Some people feel love is the answer to all that ails us. Some people feel love makes the world go around.  Some people may feel the only true love is the concept of unconditional love, such as the love of a Mother Mary or a Mother Teresa. Most of us don’t live or love there. We may fantasize or emulate the concept of unconditional love, however little things may get in the way. Annoyance, anger, irritation, jealously, envy all makes us remember our feel are made of clay and we stumble.

Some people may go to the opposite end of the spectrum and feel love is so precious that it can no longer be free. It has to be locked down so only precious and chose few can enjoy this precious commodity. No one benefits from a heart in lock down. Some people feel they don’t deserve love and go to great lengths to get the smallest crumbs of affection and actually push love and affection away. They may feel it is more normal for them to be alone and isolate rather than risk the benefit and risk of love. Love becomes distorted by what you give and what you expect to receive.

What does love mean to you?  Do you live for love? Do you feel love makes the world go around? What have you done for love lately? Does it serve you or do you serve it? Do you feel you deserve love or deserve the love you receive? Are you able to receive love and affection? Do find ways and means to reject love because of discomfort?

Holly essence is the universal love master. It corrects all matters of love issues. It opens the heart. It soothes the savage beasts of jealousy, hate and envy.   It works by reconnecting the heart to the divine source of love. It assists us in remembering our divine birthright to universal love. Holly works wonder for many emotional disturbances. It can assist you in gaining clarity regarding your emotional state. It can clear and cleanse old emotional patterns which may prevent you from believing in yourself. It helps you to reconnect with your desire -the definition of desire is “de” of “sire” father or god.

Holly helps us to remember such love is our birthright. Holly essence is for the fear of loving and not being loved. It works well for strong negative emotions such as hate, fear and jealousy or any thing which makes us feel cut off from love. Holly neutralizes strong negative emotions. Holly acts as a bridge to your higher self and higher consciousness. It raises your vibrations to achieve the higher version of the self.

Pink Monkeyflower essence is for the fear and shame of not deserving love, respect or attention. This is the shame formula. This is the essence when you feel you are undeserving. You feel so cut off from anything good due to exaggerated responsibility of wrong doing   or guilt that you can no longer receive any love of any kind. You become afraid of any type of kindness due to fear of exposure.

Pink Monkeyflower essence gently opens our heart for love. This remedy helps you to be open to being strong enough to be soft and vulnerable. This remedy helps the love come in to dissolve the mask of shame. Love rather than fear becomes the new protection. Pink Monkeyflower essence helps us to reach out for what we need from others. We are no longer controlled by fear and shame; we feel the connection and fee again part of the whole.

California Wild Rose essence helps us to reestablish our links to love, energy and desire. This brave essence gets us aligned with our will and our ability to move forward with love and passion. Most of us may believe that hate is the opposite of love. However, apathy and resignation is truly in oppositions to love and desire. Our very vitality depends on how engaged we are with our lives and the very substance of our beings. When we lose the connection to that something out there or that passion inside of us…it makes us lose vitality and become dormant. We lose the essence of who we are.

California Wild Rose reignites our very essence which is the essence of love. This fire within make our worlds go around. This essence kick starts who we are through the love force of the heart. California Wild Rose helps us to serve our hearts and our passions.  Love what you do and do what you love.

Pink Yarrow essence is for the emotional sponges among us. We may find it difficult to differentiate what is mine and what is yours. You may feel the love and compassion for others but without clarity or boundary. You may feel yourself emotionally entangled with all other emotions, for everyone around you. You love and become entangled and entrenched in the auras of others and rather than being fortified by feeling the love radiating, you being drained to the pint of exhausted.


California Wild Rose helps to radiate the energy of love rather than absorb the needs of others. It helps you to be strong enough not to sop up all the emotional debris. This essence helps you to regain the spiritual strength to impart true love and compassion.

Love does make the world go around. We live for love and love to live. The stronger we are with our own self worth and our ability to be more present makes us more present and able for all we touch. Touch with love. Touch with desire. Touch with passion. Allow the love to flow and radiate in all that you do and all that you are. Be the love you seek and share.


Mary Ann

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