Learning doesn’t ever stop. We think we get most of our educational needs met when we are in school. We learn the basics. We learn study skills. We learn memory and retention skills. Some of us love to learn and others feel frustrated and intimidated by the process of learning new things. No matter whom we are what we do; we cannot get away from the learning process.


Jobs, advanced education, relationships and parenting are all a process of learning and absorbing new skills which may be unfamiliar to us. We can embrace the process with wonder and excitement or we can dread the process with the fear of how we will measure up. Wouldn’t it be great to begin any new process with an open and receptive attitude? We so often get in the way of making any gains by our negative and fearful spin. “I can’t concentrate” “I don’t want to look dumb” “I’m afraid to ask questions” “everyone understands it more than me”. “What do I know about ____?”


We have all of these  thoughts already taking up so much space it is a wonder we can learn anything. What do you need to open up, feel the excitement and being the love of learning?


Cosmos essence is effectively used for refining the learning process. This essence works great when you have all these thoughts and formulas circulating in your brain and have to find a way of linking or stringing them altogether. Cosmos essence is a great way to “defrag” your brain. It helps you to sort through your mental processes and distill and prioritize. You can feel a different kind of focus- the focus of clearly seeing or expressing how it all fits.


Cosmos essence helps you to articulate your words. If you find you’re still flustered and flubbing around, not being able to express yourself with smooth eloquence, you can benefit by feeling the words flow. Your statements will make sense. I like this essence because it creates flow and keeps you in sync with your self and your information.


Peppermint essence is traditionally used to “pep’ up your thinking. It is indicated for the sluggish brain that basically needs the “after dinner” boost. It helps to revitalize and refresh the entire mental process. If you feel that you have brain drain or feel all your lights aren’t working, the Peppermint essence can turn the juice back on. You feel a fresh approach or freshness in your thinking.


Peppermint essence balances the energy.  It helps to integrate the thinking and the digestive processes. Peppermint essence helps you to “digest” your thoughts so that you can make them more clear and accessible to you. You feel more present in your body and more alert when you are thinking and studying.


Clematis essence is for the “space cowboys” among us. We think about this and dream about that…never fully present. We drift when we are trying to concentrate the most. We catch ourselves and wonder where have we been? Clematis essence helps us to become more present in our studies and all that we do. It helps us to translate our visions and dreams into practical reality.


Clematis essence encourages us through positive imagination. We can access the deep realms of imagination and lend positive and practical solutions. Clematis essence helps you to put your dreams into action. This essence helps you to put forth your thoughts and creations into the material world. You learn how to trust your abilities to be, to see and to do…


Madia essence is for those of us who have a difficult time concentrating or focusing on one thing. As soon as we focus on one thing we automatically switch to what else we need to focus on. We flip back and forth and become exhausted by never being able to focus. This is an excellent “butterfly essence” where we flit from one subject to another.


Madia helps us to learn and study by zeroing in on what we want…whether it is focus or something we want to manifest. It helps us by commandeering our drifting attention and giving value and stamina to what is important to us. We feel the value of knowing and the value of paying attention. Madia essence is one of the components of the manifestation formula. It lends it s energy of pure focus to accomplish mental and physical goals.


Rabbitbrush essence is great for the student with too many projects and not enough time. It helps with the” overwhelm” or where to start and when to finish. Rabbitbrush essence helps us to sort out the details of what is important and what needs to wait. Rabbitbrush essence is the “too many details” essence.


Rabbitbrush assists us by showing us the bigger picture. We can see that some projects are more detail oriented and with others we need to retain an overview. It helps us to sort it all out. We feel our confidence soar with how to be appropriate for every project.


We are always learning. When we get stuck on how we should be learning, what we should be learning and why we should be learning we lose the elasticity and plasticity of our brains. Once we make peace with how “we” do things and how “we” learn things much knowledge wisdom and information can be easily and effectively accessed and gained. We now enjoy having our “thinking caps” on. It makes all the sense in the world….




Mary Ann

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