Intrinsic Value

Things have intrinsic value. There is a consensual and innate understanding of their worth. You can go anywhere in the world and yes you may get “bargains” but  precious gem such as a diamond or ruby will retain its value as would precious metals a such as gold or platinum. Property and land have value. Real estates value is determined by location, space and amenities. How do we assess our property, location, physical dimensions and value?


We often struggle with our value and worth as we feel undeserving.  Or we may overcompensate for what we are or are not feeling and may feel “above it all”.  Either interpretation is distortion of our true value. How do we begin to recognize those precious trace metals and gems within? How do we embrace our very lives as value and with value? How doe we redefine what has worth?


Sunflower essence is the master essence for asserting your value. It helps you to radiate the sun and gold within you. It alleviates any false conceit and blesses you with self appreciation. You feel the Sun or sunflower work on a cellular level as it courses through your energy field. You feel your cells smile with graciousness and gratitude as they fill with the loving warmth of self love and appreciation.


Sunflower essence remembers you. It remembers your light. It remembers your gifts and it remembers to bless you. Sunflower doesn’t’ let you get away with false opinions of yourself. It is the great energy equalizer supporting you where and when you need to be supported and kicking you in the butt when you get lazy or self obsessed. Sunflower reminds you to fully blossom with your true value.


Buttercup essence sis used when you don’t recognize your value. You feel like a stranger in a strange land. You feel like the odd person out-not feeling a part of things or a sense of belonging but not knowing what you feel a part of. You just want to melt into the wood work to try and figure it out and definitely don’t want to be seen while trying to do it. Buttercup essence helps you to recognize your value. It shows you how to embrace your differences and have an appreciation for your individuality.


Buttercup essence transforms the inner experience of worth. The struggle you have with your freckles, moles, blotchy skin or ample curves becomes a welcome part of you. You feel the value as you allow yourself to be defined by personal rather than public standards. You can look in the mirror and smile at what you see or what you do or what you know. You see the value of you.


Fairy Lantern essence is for the feeling of not quite there yet. You feel immature or childlike and not quite up to the task or living a full and empowered life. You play the waiting game of “when I get_____, then all my visions and dreams can come true… The game of never now but maybe later or never quite up to the task because you lack the value of your own direction.


Fairy Lantern essences addresses the helplessness and neediness of not trusting your abilities. Fairy Lantern essence encourages the value of your contributions and your unique worth. This essence helps you to grow up and take stock of who you are and value your own growth process.


Sagebrush essence works when you come to the point in your life where you question the values and contributions you hold. You question what you have invested yourself in and what meaning or meanings it continues to hold. Does the perceived value have a hold over you or do you have a hold over it?


Sagebrush essence is a pattern breaker for the patterns which have a hold over us. This is a “take stock” formula…taking stock of whom and what you are and what your have become. Your value comes from the ability to look in the mirror warts and all and respect the journey.


Goldenrod essence is used when you don’t have the value for your stand alone ability. You may feel your value only as part of a family or organization or group. You smother your values, wants and needs for the group’s values, wants and needs. There is a great fear in standing alone or for standing up for the simplest things which you may hold dear.


Goldenrod essence reminds you that the group’s cohesiveness and powers comes from the sum of its individual contributors and their values. The more you retain and expand your personal values, the more all will benefit from your worth in what you have to offer. Your value begins with being the best you can be.


There are no bargains when it comes to self esteem and self fulfillment. Worth is determined by your acknowledgement of your worthiness. Take stock of how far you have come and how many you touch in your day to day and in every way. That smile which automatically beams when you see something funny or someone you love or just plain recognition will remind others to recognize their beingness. It is enough to be you and share you every day in the simplest and most casual of ways. Your worth comes from you sharing you being you. Value your gems and precious metals within! Share and embrace the treasure.



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