All of us are Affected

Dill essence assists by prioritizing and creating an order. It helps you to organize your thoughts and actions

All of us are affected one way or another by the Japanese earthquake, the tsunami, the economy or the Middle East. We no longer have the luxury of ignorance or the nebulous concept of things happening “over there”. Whether through information overload, overwhelm or the sheer scope of the current events, everything that is happening there is also impacting us here.  So, how to respond? Do we ignore? Do we rush to assist? Do we fret?  Do we just give up? There are so many issues which may feel out of our control.

It is part of our nature to react and respond to threats and fears. This is what has kept us from being eaten by lions or squashed by dinosaur feet. Now, it is time for us to respond, to do what we can, to participate and empower others by empowering ourselves. Their disaster is disaster. We are one. This is what we have been training for. This is the time for us to step up and create the change we wish to be and see.

Angel’s Trumpet essence is used for when life as you know it dramatically changes. It helps with all physical, emotional and psychological transitions. This is a beneficial remedy for the earthquake and tsunami survivors as their entire world has shifted and changed. Life as they know it is looks very different.

Angels Trumpet essence is useful for any type of transition and/or death process. It helps you to look at the big picture and see the chain of energy or events as your higher self would see them. This remedy holds supportive and angelic energy through life changing processes. This is the ‘surrender” essence assisting you in a peaceful and profound transition. Angels Trumpet essence is an excellent wartime or natural disaster remedy due to its ability to transmute the fear of death and destruction to conscious awareness of our spiritual connections. Angel’s Trumpet essence helps us to create the change from fear to transformation.

Cherry plum essence is the “out of control” essence. It is usually used when you are afraid of losing control. You measure your reactions and strictly control your environment so the fear won’t show or creep through. Cherry Plum essence is used when you become so afraid and/or so overwhelmed you feel like you will run down the street screaming, or plow that car that cut you off with a tank or ultimately pass out from trying to hold on so tight.

Cherry plum essence reminds you to “get a grip”. It pulls you back from the brink of your own disaster. Cherry Plum essence helps by letting you take the reins over your fears. You learn how to manage them and to manage your emotions. You realize through the aid of Cherry Plum it is normal or even advisable to express your emotions and fears and therefore not be ruled by them. Cherry plum essence helps us create the change from out of control fear and chaos to self-management.

Dill essence is for being completely overwhelmed by all the details.It helps us to start somewhere. Whenever there is a larger than life event it is easy to lose perspective. Dill essence assists by prioritizing and creating an order. It helps you to organize your thoughts and actions. Dill essence helps you to discern and discriminate. It assists you in refining and clarifying your senses and sense responses rather than energetically turning off and tuning out.

Dill essence is also excellent for sensory overload… It can originate from too much of anything-too much noise, too much drama, too much news, too much media-anything and everything which will overwhelm your senses and limit your ability to respond effectively. Dill essence helps you to create the change from overwhelm to discernment.

Red Clover essence is for feeding into mass hysteria. Whether we are in a crowd or watching the news and reacting to all the current events, we can get caught in the tone or emotional turmoil of the crowd. We can get infected by the virus of thought though mass consciousness. Red Clover essence helps us by centering and grounding ourselves so we limit our ability to get caught in tidal waves of emotion.

Red Clover essence is a powerful emotional balancer and cleaner. This remedy helps us to extricate from the feeding frenzy of the group to calm and self-aware behavior. Red Clover essence helps us to create the change by being awareness of how we choose to participate in change.

Rock Rose essence is for sheer terror. This is the” nightmare” essence either real or imagined. You feel as if you were “punched in the stomach”.  Rock Rose is the “panic” essence for either experiencing or feeling the fear of your worst case scenario. This remedy is an integral component of the Rescue Remedy emergency formula. It is traditionally used for being immobilized by fear or terror.

Rock Rose essence reminds us we have courage. We face the fear and do whatever we need to do any way or anyhow. It doesn’t eliminate fear but gives us the tools of courage and resolve to confront and challenges fear based limitations. Rock Rose essence creates a change of strength and courage through facing our fears.

Yarrow Environmental Solution is one of my favorite all-purpose formulas. It was originally created to combat the energetic effects from the fear and fear of radiation during the Chernobyl disaster. It is currently used for any type of radiation exposure from x-rays, computers, televisions or hand held devices. It weaves a shield of light to protect your aura and energy bodies from assaults to the senses. It also is helpful with allergies and irritations.

Yarrow Environmental Solution has revitalizing and protective qualities. It counters all harsh and destructive energies which may impact the body and senses. Yarrow environmental Solution creates a change in your energy field and enhances its ability to shield itself.

We are what are happening. We have the ability to be the change we wish to be. We can start right now by how to choose to live. Do we choose to be connected? Do we choose to reach out and help? Do we choose to respond to what we see and co creats a better world for all of us? The time is now. Face your fears, step up and participate anyway you can. Be the change.


Mary Ann

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