Full Acceptance





The best part of falling in love is that feeling of full acceptance.We feel a lightness. We feel our ceiling of doubt and cringe worthy moments lifted. We feel we can do anything and everything we do is amazing and magical.We feel loved and love that feeling of being loved. We get glimpses into how OK we are just as we are. We suspend the angst of our quirks and idiosyncrasies.

What if we could harness level that level of  exuberance and acceptance for ourselves? What if we could be as accepting of ourselves as we are of others. what if when we looked in the mirror we liked what we see? What if we could fall in love with ourselves?

Buttercup essence helps us embrace who we are. We may feel a little weird or a little wacky and/or somehow incapable of being loved. This remedy reminds us that we are lovable and loved just the way we are. Buttercup transforms that feeling of being an outsider looking in to feeling whole and happy in the moment.

Love yourself the way you would love a small child or precious pet!

Let the adoration flow.

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