Fool for Love or Slave to the Past

 Are You Ready, Willing and/or Able How for Love?

Cerato essence helps you get into the process of trusting yourself

How do you get closer to having love or being with the one you love when you are afraid to be you in love? How can you be you and be with another? Do you feel you have to give up everything to be with your love or do you feel you have to have them jump through numerous hoops so you can feel they are a worthy risk and worthy of your love? How do you get closer to having love or being with the one you love when you are afraid to be you in love? How can you be you and be with another?

What is stopping you from getting what you want in the love arena? Do you limit your options by wanting Brad Pit or Angelina Jolie or Zach Galifinakas or their body doubles?  Do you have such a specific list such as no widows or divorcees, can’t have more than one child or two dogs, must live within a five mile radius, be independently wealthy through tech investments and have a biting sense of humor that no one can come close? Do you have such fear of being hurt or dumped or duped you hide under your bed, in front of your computer or behind your text messages in fear of any attention? What do you need to be ready willing and able for love?

Cerato essence is the “fool for love” essence. You will do anything to get that person and feel that charge of really really wanting someone. This is the perfect remedy for “will he call tomorrow”? You keep repeating the same patterns with the persons you are attracted to but continue to expect different results when nothing most notably you has changed.

Cerato essence helps you get into the process of trusting yourself. You may find that you stop waiting for that person to get a divorce, get a job or realize their potential. Cerato essence helps with the impulse to be distracted by the waiting game-waiting forever for the right time or right result. Cerato essence shows you how to be ready willing and able for love only by being true to yourself.

Wild Rose essence gets rid of” there is nothing or nobody for me” declaration. It brings in the love and joy and the zest for life. Wild Rose essence is the holding back and holding out because you just don’t care enough essence too. It incites you to be positive and get over yourself. You are no longer defined by the limits of your perceived possibilities.

Wild Rose essence helps you to feel what it feels like to be you on your best day. It liberates you from the emotional constraints of your personal past. Rather than focusing on the failures of what hasn’t worked in your relationships and how your past defines your future, you stop the process. You allow yourself to start fresh and new with you in full participation. You seem to get the concept that if you are you then the people you attract will be more authentic. Wild Rose essence allows you to be ready and able to love because you are more connected to the spirit of you.

Honeysuckle essence is the “stuck in the past” essence. Use this remedy when every relationship was better then. The choices were better. The activities were more fun. The romance was better. This is also the “if only” essence. “If only I didn’t______ we could be together, rich, have children, be happy or still married.”

Honeysuckle essence helps us by reminding us that everything happens for a reason. Whether we believe in soul growth or changing our energy vibration to correct our romantic actions from the past, Honeysuckle essence helps us to work on being present. It gifts us with the gift of ourselves and being in time with the right time. It stops us from slipping away. Honeysuckle essence makes you ready willing and able to be present with your presence.

Mimulus essence is the fear essence. You are afraid of opening your heart. You are afraid of being cheated on. You are afraid of not having your love reciprocated. You u are afraid of missing your chance for love. You are afraid of having bad timing. You are afraid of____; therefore you cannot commit your heart to anyone or anything.

Mimulus essence gives you the courage to face your fears. It helps you to try again. It doesn’t erase the fear or trepidation but lends the willingness to walk in with open eyes. It helps you to feel the fear and move forward… Mimulus essence also helps with shyness. You want to talk. You want to engage. You want to connect and you hold yourself back. Mimulus essence makes you ready, willing and able for love by facing your personal roadblocks.

Vervain essence is the intensity essence. You want what you want when you want it. It they are not ready and willing yet then you will try and wear them down by convincing them of your virtues. You end up exhausting your heart’s desire and exhausting yourself. Vervain essence works by turning town the intensity. You can still burn with love and desire but the person you love won’t feel like they are getting scalded or want to run away.

Vervain essence helps to “chill you out”. You can still be passionate without being a flame thrower. Vervain essence balances drive with desire. Vervain essence makes you reading, willing and able for love by being turned on rather than being turned up.

Get what you want from love by getting what you want from yourself. Get out of your way. No matter how smart, successful or intelligent you are you are still working form a limited point of view. Start fresh. Lisa Nichols says “Don’t make your next pay for your ex!” Every relationship is an opportunity to be a better you. Better you by being a better you! Start now and kiss yourself in the mirror and be ready willing and able for love.


Mary Ann

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