Finding the Balance

Lavender essence can soothe your nerves

We go within at this time of year. We reconnect with what is important and what sustains us. We also can get strained and drained by all the demands on our time and attention. We have the holidays. We have deadlines. We have extra demands for time and attention for all the little things which we may have put off until now. We have the holidays looming as well as the end of another year which quickly brings about new commitments for the upcoming year.

The race to the finish line as we head into the holidays can make us feel used and abused. We need to pay attention to what detracts from us and what supports us. This is a time of year and all throughout the year which makes us more aware of how we are really taking care of ourselves. Are we ignoring symptoms? Are we getting enough sleep? Are we paying attention to what nourishes our body, mind and spirit? Are we paying enough attention to our health? Health is a delicate balance. How are you keeping yourself balanced?

Crab Apple essence is one of my overall favorites for cleansing and clearing. It is traditionally used for the germphobes among us who are afraid of every little spic, spot and drop. Crab Apple essence is the remedy for being obsessed about something small which you interpret as something big. As an example, you obsess about that spot on your table and how you do everything to remove that spot and never feel satisfied because all you see is the spot. Or, you worry about who touched your phone or your glass or even your keyboard. You know you have to touch it but you may fear what you are going to catch from it.

Crab Apple essence is for the person who over reacts and wears the mask and gloves during flu season and carries his or her own bottle of Purell. They feel they can never be too safe. Crab Apple essence helps us by energetically cleansing and clearing us and putting our OCD behavior in perspective. This is also a great remedy for going through a fast or detox or whenever you are recovering from an illness. Crab Apple essence keeps you balanced by eliminating physical and emotional toxins from your energy field.

Yarrow Environmental Solution is another one of my all-time favorites for the winter or any time you need an extra boost of protection. It creates an energy shield to protect all your energy bodies. It also protects you from computer radiation or EMFs which can penetrate or disturb your energy field.

Yarrow Environmental Solution fortifies anything which interferes with your ability to be whole. This unique combination acts a crystalline sheath to enhance and protect your cells. I love this essence as it works on many levels. It can fortify your immune system. It can shield you from negativity. It can help you to access your radiance. It balances you by patching holes in your aura and energy field.

Lavender essence is for nervous depletion. Lavender essence calms nervous energy when you get consumed and exhausted. When you can’t sit still or you can’t get comfortable in your skin, Lavender essence can soothe you nerves. This essence counteracts the effects of absorbing too much spiritual or mental energy.

Lavender essence is the essence for over stimulation. This essence helps you by dialing down your response to tensions. Lavender essence is particularly suited for highly sensitive people. It makes their sensitivity work for them rather than against them. It balances out the physical and nervous system by soothing it’s over response and agitation.

Beech essence is the” everything gets on my nerves and shatters my peace essence and I want it my way.” This remedy is traditionally used when you are hyper critical and want to pick apart every little thing because it bugs you and you can’t relax. Sounds bother you. Smells bother you. People bother you. The benefit of this essence is that due to its hyper critical nature it creates a barrier which is effective for allergies and immune system issues.

Beech essence helps to bring the love for self and other back. Its ability to help heal comes from using its specific sensitivity to fine tune the healing process. Beech essence balances the hypersensitivities with tolerance for the environment and other outside influences and other people.

Mountain Pennyroyal essence helps to clarify thinking. It stops you form absorbing the negative thought of others which can negatively influence your health. This essence eliminates psychic contamination. It clears your thought form to prevent them from taking hold in your etheric body.

Mountain Pennyroyal essence works to cleanse the toxic thoughts form our consciousness .This the emotional hygiene remedy. It makes you mindful of what thoughts are coming in and how you are processing them. Mountain Pennyroyal helps by sorting out the mental, chaos and the energetic mental hijackers. It balances out your energy field and enhances your immune system by eliminating conflicting thought forms.

Rosemary essence makes you more present. It enhances your natural vitality and an appreciation for your physicality. It enhances the healing process by making you feel warm and safe in your body. Rosemary essence restores your ability to be one with your body works specifically when you don’t feel anchored in your body.

Rosemary essence works specifically when you feel your connection to being in your body is disturbed or imbalanced. It is as thought you are half in and half out. It never feels quite right. Rosemary essence balances you by anchoring and enhancing you in the safety and security of your physical body.

We create balance by fine tuning all of our energy bodies. If we feel extra emotional it can disrupt our physical. If we over strain our physical it can impact our ability to think. If we think too much it can impede our ability to meditate. All of our elements are connected and dependent on one another. Now more than ever it is necessary for us to pay attention to what puts us in balance and more importantly what puts us out of balance .Find your balance.


Mary Ann





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