Fall Back

We are at the time of year when the clocks change to give us more time to go within. The time of light is shorter so we don’t have the same distractions of balancing the outside with the inside. I love the way we remember to change the clocks as “fall back, spring forward!” This says it all as we go into this season. We fall back in to the comforts of home, family and friends.

We pay more attention to what is on the inside. We make better choices of who and what we want inside with us. We feel a need to surrender and discern what we wish to hold and what we wish to hibernate. This is a time of discernment and decisiveness as we weigh what is appropriate for us right now. We weigh what we wish to do, how we wish to do it and whom we want to do it with.

I recommend the following flower essences for our “fall back “ time:

Scleranthus essence teaches us the power of our choices. Many of us can easily get stuck in an either /or situation. We may feel that our choice can only be mutually exclusive. I liken the energy of the Scleranthus essence to the song by The Clash “Should I stay or should I go?”

Scleranthus essence empowers and supports the power of making a choice. It reminds us choice is a doorway not a destination. Scleranthus essence helps to keep us in the moment. We trust our choices based on an internal compass unique to us. We ultimately feel supported rather than distracted by our ability to choose.

Cerato essence teaches us the value of our internal wisdom. This remedy is used when we feel we must ask everyone we know in order to make a decision. We want to take a poll and try it on for size. However, the challenge is the more we ask, the more confused we get and the less likely we are to choose and the more we ask again…

Cerato essence brings us back to our intrinsic value. What do we value? Who are we? What is important to us? Cerato essence takes away the tendency to second and third guess our first instinct. We feel safer in our certainty. We choose and honor what we know.


Cerato essence helps you get into the process of trusting yourself

Captivation essence teaches us to listen to the whisperings of our soul. Are we distracted from our yearnings? Are we really where we need to be? Are we really where we want to be? Each of us has a blueprint for what and where our soul wants to take us. We get off track by how we choose to live our lives. Are we living to live or are we living to satisfy or some combination in between?

Captivation essence guides us to the stirrings of our soul. We all have a mission and a mission isn’t necessarily a job, journey or relationship, etc. Our mission is how we experience the world and whom we experience it with. Captivation essence assists us in making the right choices. The choices our soul wants us to make.

As we “fall back” let us fall back with choice, clarity and a deeper sense of our soul connection. Let us listen, feel and heal…


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