Broke my rule

metamaterials-breakthrough-wide-spectrum-optical-invisibility-cloak-4Today as usual I started off with my 30 minute deadline. I have my timer set so I am aware of what I need to do as the clock ticks away. I stare at the blank screen and wait for the inspiration to take hold. usually it comes pretty quick and I go with it.

Today, I started a line of thought on the art of giving  but it turned into a big giant mess. This is the first time I have trashed a piece. I looked at it and decided it wasn’t where I wanted to go and put it in “save draft”. I’ll probably delete it later. I don’t even want to look at it

Maybe today the imps of the perverse are at play challenging what I really want to write.

So, I writing what is coming through at this moment.

I am grateful for this process of committing to this 30 day process. It has taught me the value of being consistent. I talk about being consistent and some of the time act on being consistent but today is showing me how to be consistent  whether I want to or not.

The end result may be great, good or not so good. I learned how to edit on Facebook. Im not that social media savvy. However, this process has helped me to learn. Learning has its own value.

SO, I am now over by 3 minutes. I wrote 75% of another piece and this is what I ended up with. It feels good to share even when the sharing is not how you wanted it to be.

Break the rules and have a breakthrough.

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