Make Overs

We love make over shows. We love seeing the before and the after. When we are in the “before” stage we don’t know it. We know we may have slipped into a rut. We may too busy to take that extra step in self care. We may forget to put our lipstick or blush, or iron our shirt  and/or may not even be caring about it at the time ( this is why I often have a pony tail). We just want to get out the door and do the things we need to do.

When we stop and take a breath or take a look, we then get a little bored and don’t want to make the extra effort unless there is some special event or some special person. The prevailing feeling is one of boredom.

Maybe we might treat ourselves the way we treat people or pets we adore. Think about a small child or a precious pet that immediately brings a smile to your face. We feel a warmth in our heart and tap into the feeling of unconditional love. It feels natural to feel that way and it lingers…

Lets transfer that loving care to how we view ourselves. We all could benefit from improvements and we can all benefit from acceptance. It’s not pleasant to be in a constant state of “remodeling”. There is always something to do and there will always be upgrades just like your smart phone. But, the integrity of the foundation is already there.

There will always be something to do. Our “after” is the adjustment we make. Our “after” can  allow us a deeper appreciation of where we were at “before”. Our “after” infuses us with participation. We snap out our personal version of Ground Hog day.

How about if we pay more attention while we are in the “before”? As we are more present right now, we live more fully in the “after”. Be the change.

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AKA Psychic

Crossroad in lavender meadow and with tree alone

I’ve been working as an intuitive practitioner ( aka psychic) for the last 20 plus years. We are a quirky lot. We have our rituals not necessarily Wiccan or pagan but often times more of the OCD mix. Some of us do Reiki or other forms of energy practice. I personally get obsessed with cleansing and keep clear. I feel it is it is imperative to start with each client clear and not muddied by anyone’s emotional residue.

We read your energy. We pull your cords (attachments to the emotions and energies of other people) which may or may not be beneficial to your well being. We assist you on your path.We have potions for your emotions. We help you to “see” more because we all have our blind spots. No matter how intuitive or intelligent we are we are still operating from a particular point of view.  Most of the time we get you out of your own way.

Yes, we can feel more and see more and so can you. It is a matter of where you put your attention. Try this for homework and I so love to give homework! Intuitive and tuning in only works when you exercise its muscle.

Back to homework. For the next week, play the game of “who is calling next?”

Yes we all have some sort of caller  ID on our devices and when we hear the alert of the bing or the beep, stop before you look and tune in to who may be calling. Yes, it will feel like logical guessing but just try it. You may be surprised. If you are more the analytic type you can even keep a tally. Just play and tune in and allow your extra senses to activate.

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TC-purpose-in-life1We all need purpose. We may think our purpose is a job or a career or we may feel it is a calling.We hear or read  about “the calling” as cited by priests, nuns,  doctors and artists.  We didn’t get the summons and scratch our heads. Inquiring minds  want to know. We want to be in  that place where we know exactly why we are here and what we are supposed to know, but we may not be listening.

We may believe it is somewhere out there. We search. We wander most of the time as we waste our time.We make do with what we believe are our steps to our path, hopefully we will reach some type of enlightenment. We stumble and we get frustrated. We “need” to know what were are here!

We know what it feels like to not have purpose. Many have devoted their lies and lives to finding meaning. We have amazing and massive libraries and now electronic content devoted to finding meaning.

Perhaps purpose has more to do with commitment. The more we participate, the more we get in alignment with whatever our path holds for us. We take steps forward following an inner imperative as opposed to impish voices in our heads which spit “could, would and should”.

Reflect on how many times  you “knew”. It felt unshakeable in the face of whatever obstacle brought you to your knees and was shouting in your face. We “knew” we had to go to Art School. We “knew ” we had to move to the opposite of the world. We “knew ” we had to apply for that jobs when we didn’t have the requirements. We”know” that soul was  our most special love. This is how we get to the knowing.

We listen. We act. We commit. We participate.

Purpose comes from being in the moment. Purpose comes from being present. I get glimpses of purpose when I am so absorbed in my writing or art that I feel timebends. Bend time.

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Blog in 30 minutes

clocksI shared a couple of days ago that the best way for me to be consistent and get this 30 blogging challenge done is to set a deadline. This for me works because I focus more on getting it done in the alotted time rather than having it be the prefect expression of my brillant thoughts. I see this sentiment echoed throughout the other comments and I feel it is worth continuing to share.

I get my best ideas while driving when it is difficult for me to stop and write it down or even record it. Of course those are the “good’ ones which I may or may not later forget. For the last few mornings I was staring at a blank screen aware of my phone timer continuing whether I commited a word or not.

As  regular columnist this process has worked for me. However, I have been accustomed  to working with a particular theme.  This blogging challenge inspired me  to break out of my box and share many other ideas which I feel to be of interest in health and spirtuality.

For example, right now how we deal with time and time constraints? Some of us buck at the thought and process of dealing with a deadline. We may feel it stifles creativity and inspiration. We may feel we need our morning ritual and tribute to our gods of artistry. If we don’t pay  tribute, then our work will  not be acceptable to our gods.

What if doing the work was the actual tribute? Most great art starts as mistake. We went in with a certain idea or concept and it morphed into something completely different whether you deleted that perfect sentence or spilled on your most magnificent painting the process itself guided your hand. Commit and edit.

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graphic man trippingWe like challenges and we like the feeling of overcoming obstacles. It can make us feel like we are “winning”.We feel one step closer to getting ahead wherever that may be at the time. As we coast on the confidence and expectation that everything will turn out all right, something interferes. It could be an unexpected outlay of cash, an unexpected demand from a blood relation or long time friend or it could be losing the keys when in a hurry behind the piano.

In each case we no longer feel in charge of our destiny and/or our “flow” is interrupted. When our “flow” gets a speed bump, we are in danger of losing our momentum. This is where much frustration gets born and projects and desires get buried.

How do we recognize these “speedbumps” may actually be messages? I’m someone who tends to have my hair on fire while gathering keys, purse, work bag, yoga clothes and of course coffee. Then, all of sudden I dropped my keys and can’t find them even resorting to looking in the bathrooms and refrigerator. I find my keys (in my purse) and scurry out the door just missing a 3 car crash at the bottom of the street. Hmmmmm.

Elm essence is our overhelm remedy. We can get so consumed by the demands on our time and energy we struggle to keep up. Elm essence reminds us that maybe we don’t need to.. This remedy teaches the value of only doing what we can do and discarding the rest. Elm essence shifts us froma  reacting mode  to responding with the appropriate amount of energy. Most of it teaches us how to best utilize our energetic fuel. Listen to and honor the “speed bumps”.

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Full Acceptance





The best part of falling in love is that feeling of full acceptance.We feel a lightness. We feel our ceiling of doubt and cringe worthy moments lifted. We feel we can do anything and everything we do is amazing and magical.We feel loved and love that feeling of being loved. We get glimpses into how OK we are just as we are. We suspend the angst of our quirks and idiosyncrasies.

What if we could harness level that level of  exuberance and acceptance for ourselves? What if we could be as accepting of ourselves as we are of others. what if when we looked in the mirror we liked what we see? What if we could fall in love with ourselves?

Buttercup essence helps us embrace who we are. We may feel a little weird or a little wacky and/or somehow incapable of being loved. This remedy reminds us that we are lovable and loved just the way we are. Buttercup transforms that feeling of being an outsider looking in to feeling whole and happy in the moment.

Love yourself the way you would love a small child or precious pet!

Let the adoration flow.

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Each of us has the capacity to let our personal sun shine through. We can feel it is there through a look, smile or attitude and then we may feel compelled to hide it or shut it down. We don’t want to be too bold, beautiful, talented, gifted  or appear that we are greatest ever (some of us do and that is for another time…).

We may  struggle with our radiance. We are good with shiny hair or skin but to let our character and personality shine forth takes owning who we are. Personal radiance is really about allowing ourselves to be in full expression…to be our authentic selves.

A natural  alignment with abilities and opportunities become more available when we step into our personal power. 

Sunflower essence enhances our lustre. This remedy teaches us that it is safe to shine and be true to ourselves. Sunflower essence is an innocent and warm essence. I am reminded  of when my daughter was three years old and loving who she was. She spun around the room as only small children do and exclaimed: “I just love myself!” So beat on your chest, spin around the room, look in the mirror and give yourself a rousing welcome!”Let your sun shine through.

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As children we learn how to reach out for what we want. We see something we want and go for it without hesitation. We may have received a stern warning or a small wrap on our knuckles but we followed our first instincts to go for what we wanted.

Now , we may have to relearn how to go for what we want. We may be consumed with our obstacles or other peoples voices in our heads about what we can or can not do…We expend much time, energy and effort negotiating how to get what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want.

Lets embrace our ability to reach. “Take the leap and the safety net will appear!” We are looking for the safety net.

Blackberry essence teaches us how to go for it. This remedy disentangles us from our real and perceived impediments. Blackberry essence gives us the
mojo” to take a breath and take a step. When you reach the universe will reach back.

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Bloom Today

Many of us live in the future. All of are plans have to do with what will have next week, next month or next year or even 5-20 years from now…we have time to squander and time to spend. We have difficulty focusing on doing it now!

We can do it when we have a time or work pressure i.e. showing up for work or paying the IRS. But, some of us have a hard time putting one foot in front of the other to create some continuity. We know what we want or what we think we want. We have the skills we need (for the most part ) to accomplish what we wish and we want it to be more perfect or we feel a lack of readiness.

What if we picked three “flowers” things we can” flow-er” today? We could plant one seed. Incubate another. Watch for a bloom on the third. These picking would create a “flow” of personal accomplishment. I believe many of us get lost or stuck when we have too many demands and have difficulty completing even one. Its similar to have all the apps running on your phone and all of a sudden you have no charge on the battery.

Most of us are living with limited charge on the battery.

Oak essence will help us bloom today. This remedy has a capacity for naturally aligning you with your priorities and dials down your sense of overwhelm. Oak essence eliminates the time pressure of the “have to”.You find yourself a new “flow-er’




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What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

We are so action and movement oriented that we don’t often the value of doing nothing. …Nothing feels like nothing. So we struggle with the concept of nothing..Maybe we contemplate the word play of “no thing’. Sounds very zen and there are thousands of years of practise devoted to the concept.

However,  lets get back to the orignal premise of “what to do when you don’t know what to do?” You can sit in chair or your car or your bed and go through all the possibilites. You basically think. Then maybe you get tired or irritated with what you have come up with. There has to be something better or more inspired you think to yourself. Or, you struggle with “how did I get here?’ and rail at the universe.

What if you did nothing ? What if “no thing” became a viable solution. When you contemplate “no thing” it can transform itself into places you never believed you could go. What if you just had to wait it out? What if you sat with it or on it as does the famous Rodans’s “Thinker “? Maybe the value comes from not knowing and embracing the mystery.

Angelica essence taps us into the guidance of our mystery. We feel a cloak of comfort and connection which  inspires and infuses us with a deeper knowing. We feel a more direct line to our innate wisdom.

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