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clocksI shared a couple of days ago that the best way for me to be consistent and get this 30 blogging challenge done is to set a deadline. This for me works because I focus more on getting it done in the alotted time rather than having it be the prefect expression of my brillant thoughts. I see this sentiment echoed throughout the other comments and I feel it is worth continuing to share.

I get my best ideas while driving when it is difficult for me to stop and write it down or even record it. Of course those are the “good’ ones which I may or may not later forget. For the last few mornings I was staring at a blank screen aware of my phone timer continuing whether I commited a word or not.

As  regular columnist this process has worked for me. However, I have been accustomed  to working with a particular theme.  This blogging challenge inspired me  to break out of my box and share many other ideas which I feel to be of interest in health and spirtuality.

For example, right now how we deal with time and time constraints? Some of us buck at the thought and process of dealing with a deadline. We may feel it stifles creativity and inspiration. We may feel we need our morning ritual and tribute to our gods of artistry. If we don’t pay  tribute, then our work will  not be acceptable to our gods.

What if doing the work was the actual tribute? Most great art starts as mistake. We went in with a certain idea or concept and it morphed into something completely different whether you deleted that perfect sentence or spilled on your most magnificent painting the process itself guided your hand. Commit and edit.

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